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Autism Love in AZ

May 30 - June 12

For our current campaign we have one new friend and one old. We would like to introduce Arizona Autism United and welcome back Beyond Autism! Both of these wonderful groups do so much to help those with special needs and we know that you will love them just as much as we do :)

Arizona Autism United Their goal is to help anyone affected by autism access individualized supports without barriers, to achieve a high quality of life. In the long-term, they hope to become a statewide organization serving the lifespan of people with autism, able to respond quickly and effectively to anyone in need. Their parents help us grow by identifying community needs and working with them to develop innovative and compassionate solutions. They believe that every family and person with autism has their own definition of success, and our job is to help them get there.

Beyond Autism Beyond Autism, Inc. is a non-profit school dedicated to educating children diagnosed with autism. It is a movement that bridges the school experience with home life by not only teaching our students academics but also social & life skills. They are a team, a team that believes that when given a fun and supportive environment, our students can achieve their goals.
  • presley-site



    15 yrs old

  • ves-site



    13 yrs old

  • colton-site



    14 yrs old

  • emily-site



    11 yrs old

  • nick-site



    14 yrs old

Presley is 15 years old. She loves to draw, go to Disneyland and taking trips with her family. She also loves classical music and playing Disney Infinity on Playstation.

Ves is an awesome thirteen year old! He is creative, funny and doesn't give up. He enjoys gaming, water parks, jumping on his trampoline, music and art. Ves is on the Autism Spectrum and has been receiving services from AZAUnited for ten years. With the help of his excellent and dedicated ABA team to help him overcome many challenges Ves is thriving at school and at home.

Colton is 14 years old and has quickly turned into a teenager overnight. Currently some his favorite characters are The Incredible Hulk and Hellboy…he can’t get enough of them! His sense of humor is the best…he has a way of cracking jokes in the most original ways. Colton really enjoys making home videos on his computer and listening to all types of music.

"I started drawing anime when I was about seven years old when I got my first "How to draw Manga" book. I like the anime style of drawing because in my opinion, it's kind of boring when you draw regular cartoons. So since I don't like old and plain drawings as usual, I want to take cartooning to the next level. Drawing means very much to me and it makes me feel relaxed. In the future, I want to go to Japan and I want to make my very own Manga and anime."

Nick is 14 years old and loves to make people smile. He is fearless on his skateboard and loves to swim, use his iPad, and complete 500 piece puzzles. If given a choice, Nick would live near the ocean so he could swim and boogie board every day!

Positive Partners

May 16 - May 29

We have made some new partnerships with some very positive organizations! They do some wonderful things in very different parts of the world and we'd like to introduce you to them :)

Nickers 'N Neighs
Nickers ‘N Neighs Therapeutic Riding Center provides a variety of equine services to individuals with a wide range of disabilities such as autism, pervasive developmental delay, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, and spina bifida.  Nickers ‘N Neighs serves children and adults with physical, intellectual, emotional and behavioral disabilities, such as veterans, at-risk youth, and those who face challenges in their lives.  Through goal setting and lesson planning, the students at the center receive instruction that meets their individualized needs.

International FOXG1 Foundation
The International FoxG1 Foundation’s Mission is to provide hope and support to individuals with FoxG1 and their families via any means possible, to facilitate discussion and fund research within the medical community, and to bring awareness and education to the public. Their goal is to find treatments and a cure for FoxG1. They hope this Foundation will provide support and inspiration to the many families who have been blessed with a FoxG1 miracle.

FACES Northwest
FACES Northwest is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation founded and operated by parents of children with autism in Whatcom County. They conduct an eight-week therapeutic recreational day camp in July and August for children and young adults with autism from ages 5 through young adults. Their campers are exposed to community involvement, independent living skills, academic enrichment and positive social relationships using evidence-based strategies. They work in partnership with school districts to offer an Extended School Year (ESY) program, targeting the specific needs of autistic children and young adults according to their Individual Educational Plan (IEP). Each camper is teamed with a one-on-one instructional assistant in order to maximize their potential for success.
Autism Canadian Valley

This is a support group is for parents, caregivers, and professionals who need assistance with children that are on the autism spectrum in Yukon, Mustang, El Reno, Piedmont, Kingfisher, Bethany and surrounding areas. They have been in existence for over six years and help their members get the support they need by giving them guidance in building a partnership with schools and community.  
  • timmy-site



    10 yrs old

  • lucy-site



    8 yrs old

  • evie-site



    7 yrs old

  • ben-site



    12 yrs old

  • pca-logo


    Paper Clouds

Timmy is a fun and energetic 10 year old who loves riding his horse, Bria, at Nickers ‘N Neighs Therapeutic Riding Center. He has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. He is very creative and artistic and has his own unique style and subject matter for his creations. He absolutely loves school and enjoys social outings. He truly enjoys making his family, friends, teachers and therapists laugh. For 6 years, Nickers ‘N Neighs has given Timmy an opportunity to participate in a sport where he is unencumbered by his diagnosis. It is the perfect way for him to practice following directions, work off excess energy, and strengthen his muscles while doing something he truly enjoys.

Lucy is 8 years old and was diagnosed with FOXG1 late last year. She has a smile and sunny disposition that could brighten anyone's day! She is such a loving girl to her friends and family, especially her sister Macy. She touches the hearts of everyone she meets. She absolutely loves her kitties, Penny and Nickel, and her Golden Retriever, Josie. She enjoys playing sports with her friends and recently took up taekwondo! Her parents could not be more proud of her strength and growth over the years. She is such a love!

Evie is a delightful and hilarious 1st grader who was diagnosed with a Cowden Syndrome resulting from a PTEN mutation at age 1 and Autism Spectrum Disorder at age 4. Evie loves to make up stories and set scenes involving all her favorite toys. She loves fantasy worlds and mythical creatures and wishes more than anything that she could have a pet griffin. She also enjoys playing with legos and littlest pet shop toys and bouncing on her trampoline. She wants to be an Animal Rescuer when she grows up and plans on marrying Elmo. Her favorite activities currently are drawing story books, making little clay animals, and watching movie previews on amazon.

Ben is 12 years old and in the 6th grade.  His passions include playing the flute in the school band, cheering on his favorite basketball team, playing video games, and creating beautiful pieces of artwork.  Often times, Ben can be found being silly and making others laugh.  Ben's enormous heart has helped him foster a love of helping others such as feeding the homeless, buying school supplies to donate and helping stock the local food pantry.  Ben has received a lot of support from our friends at Autism Canadian Valley and can't wait to give back to them through his campaign.   You can learn more about Ben and follow his story on Facebook here .

Any time you purchase a Paper Clouds Logo design, 50% of the proceeds go directly to the charity of that campaign!!

Poets on Paper

May 02 - May 15

Hi loving PCA Family! This go around we have partnered up some poets we love with their favorite special needs cause. Take a look below to learn a little more about each one!

Special Olympics Missouri
Special Olympics transforms lives through the joy of sport, every day, everywhere. They are the world’s largest sports organization: with nearly 4 million athletes in more than 170 countries -- nearly 16,500 of them here in Missouri. They are also a global social movement. With initiatives to activate youth, engage kids with intellectual disabilities, build communities, and improve the health of our athletes - they're changing the game for people young and old and asking you to be a part of it all.

Canines for Disabled Kids
Canines for Disabled Kids works to support the creation of child-canine service dog teams to promote independence and social awareness. Offering free services to families and communities across the United States, Canines for Disabled Kids helps connect children with the service dog that can best help them overcome limitations caused by a variety of disabilities while helping communities to be welcoming and supportive of the special canine tools being used. Scholarships to help cover the training costs are offered, another way Canines for Disabled Kids helps to bring these teams together.

Best Buddies Arizona
Best Buddies is the world’s largest organization dedicated to ending the social, physical and economic isolation of the 200 million people with IDD. For individuals within this community, Best Buddies helps them form meaningful friendships with their peers, secure successful jobs, live independently, improve public speaking, self-advocacy and communications skills, and feel valued by society.

Include Autism
Include Autism is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organization dedicated to providing services that instill community-wide autism inclusion. Their focal program, Community Coaching (CC) program, takes Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and social skill training to a new level by providing a unique service that takes therapy "on-the-go", into the community. Community Coaching provides natural, hands-on opportunities for our program participants to develop adaptive, functional skills needed to become included in their community. For individuals and families that require additional support in the home setting in order to more safely and successfully transition to the more integrated community learning environment, Include Autism now offers an in-home ABA therapy option, Discovery Link. Their Autism Inclusion Training, Volunteer/Peer Pals, and Baseball Leagues offer the community opportunities to understand, accept, and include individuals diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder into their organizational communities.
  • k-savage-artist-site


    Kat Savage

  • j-rogue-artist-site


    J.R. Rogue

  • m-crane-site


    Marisa B. Crane

  • t-white-site


    Tyler White

- working with Canines for Disabled Kids

- working with Special Olympics Missouri

- working with Include Autism

- working with Best Buddies Arizona

Logan’s Back!

April 18 - May 01

The Crumb Diaries began as a blog from a mom reaching out to the world for a little support and understanding. Since then they have grown to so much more - Loganisms, Love & SLOMBIES! We always try to keep you updated with Logan & Allyson's journey along their "goat path." If these wonderful people are new to you, we highly suggest catching up on their antics as well as their perseverance.

Last July, Paper Clouds teamed up with the Crumb Diaries in order to help build a home gym for Logan. Although he was working out at school, bullies were doing what they do and teachers were not getting involved to support our hero. A regular fitness routine helps Logan in a multitude of ways & the Paper Clouds family took it upon themselves to help! Sadly, it hasn't been enough to finish the project and they are still waiting to complete the home gym set up.

Allyson, our narrator & window into their world, has been sick since October. Although her own prognosis is not yet certain, she is more concerned with getting Logan outside than anything else. We here at Paper Cloud hope that you will join us in sending some positive health vibes their way!!

As winter melts away, we've learned that Logan will be continuing a capitalistic project this spring. He has been raising chickens, which not only provide eggs for his family, but produce enough for him to sell! Logan may not be quite ready for a 9 - 5, but his egg sales have been able to help with the grocery budget as well as sparking that feeling of familial contribution within Logan.

As a minority owner in Paper Clouds, Logan gets a little help with every campaign. Let's band together and really show him and Al the support they need!
  • Logan-new-site



    19 yrs old

Logan is a recent high school graduate and a minority owner of Paper Clouds Apparel. We met Logan virtually when he contributed art for a campaign and have enjoyed every moment of working with him and his incredible family! Logan's mom, Allyson, chronicles their lives on her Facebook page, The Crumb Diaries. Logan has a fantastic sense of humor, optimism that is unbreakable, and love for all of the people (and many animals) in his life.    

Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center

April 04 - April 17

Established in 1997, the Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC) is an internationally recognized nonprofit organization dedicated to autism research, education, evidence-based treatment, and community outreach. SARRC is one of the only autism organizations in the world that provides a lifetime of services for individuals and their families while also conducting cutting-edge research.

SARRC's Research Department is focused on three initiatives: (1) improve early detection of ASD, (2) improve treatments for ASD, both behaviorally and pharmaceutically, and (3) educate various professional communities to improve their capacity to serve individuals with ASD.

SARRC is among the most robust sites in the United States for recruiting subjects for molecular / genetic, pharmaceutical, and clinical research trials. While not officially affiliated with any university medical center, they foster active collaborative research projects with organizations such as Translational Genomics, Inc., Arizona State University, Barrow Neurological Institute, University of California San Diego, Georgia Institute of Technology, and private industry partners.
  • Griffin-site



    12 yrs old

  • Reece-site



    5 yrs old

  • FJ-site



    14 yrs old

  • Jaxon-site



    14 yrs old

Griffin is a soon-to-be teenager who loves playing classical music on the piano, being out in nature, and playing retro video games. He has his own youtube channel where he shares his poetry, his thoughts on having Aspergers, and his piano playing. "What Would Love Do?" is a mantra Griffin and his mom share to help him in challenging moments. This design reminds us to always consider love before anger and the disclaimer gives you a glimpse of Griffin's own heart and charming sense of humor. He and his parents are also in a documentary that shares a bit about their life and some of the challenges they face.

Reece is 5 years old. At his 18 month well-check, his Pediatrician observed that Reece was not meeting age appropriate milestones and recommended he be evaluated. After receiving Speech Therapy each week over the next year, Reece was evaluated again at 2 ½ years old and officially diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. ~ Reece's interests have grown tremendously as his language has increased. He has loved trains since the beginning and now builds intricate train tracks. He has always had an interest in lights and that has grown into a fascination with electricity and batteries (especially batteries!). He would only sleep with his stuffed animal, Pooh Bear, but will now take a new stuffed animal, aptly named “Dragon” who has a flashlight in it's belly and makes Reece feel safe in his dark room at night. His new passion for writing and art is the most amazing to his family. He enjoys copying letters his older brother writes down for him and when he's not drawing “train roller coasters,” he will look at animal pictures and create his own art using many different tools; such as, paint and paintbrushes, sponges and pipe cleaners, markers and chalk pastel. ~ Our days are still not “easy” and there are many tough days ahead as Reece enters Kindergarten this fall. But, his family knows that early intervention and each therapist and teacher who has entered Reece's life over the past several years, has greatly impacted his growth and success thus far in his life.

Forest John, also known as “FJ”, is a sweet, funny 14 year old that loves to draw. He’s currently a freshman in high school, but his dream is to go to school for animation and have his own cartoon series. He frequently draws pictures for his pastors at church, and some of his local restaurants have even hung up his pictures for others to enjoy! He also loves to compose digital music in his free time (electroswing is his favorite!) ~ FJ was diagnosed with autism at 3 years old and went through the SARRC Jumpstart program, where they helped his family learn about autism and strategies for his success. FJ says that some positive things about having autism are that it helps him focus on his art and see the world in a unique way. Oh yeah, and he LOVES cats!

Jaxon is a kind and caring 14 year old, who was born prematurely at 28 weeks. He was diagnosed with Aspergers at the age of 8, but nothing stops him when he decides he wants to achieve a goal. He is strong, and is a natural leader. He loves to snorkel and interact with sea life. He hopes to be a Marine Biologist one day. His main goal in life is for everyone to be treated equally no matter their differences. He is extremely excited to be an artist for the PCA family!

Down Syndrome Association of Houston

March 21 - April 03

The Down Syndrome Association of Houston (DSAH) has been an important part of the Greater Houston community for more than 40 years. What started out as a small group that met in the basement of Texas Children’s Hospital has grown into a thriving, multi-faceted program with more than 1,800 members from all over the Houston area.

Our mission at DSAH is to provide programs and support to individuals with Down syndrome, their families, and the professionals who serve them, and to create awareness in the community through advocacy, education and medical outreach.

We envision a community in which all people with Down syndrome have the opportunity to enhance the quality of their life, realize their life aspirations, and become accepted as part of our very diverse society.

As DSAH has grown, we have gradually developed programs for all age groups, including prenatal counseling and/or adoption referral, New Baby Gift Baskets delivered to area hospitals, Smart Start for kids entering the public school system, and our Education for Life program for adults. We invite you to learn more about Down syndrome, read our current newsletter, and explore this site to learn more about our programs and services and how to get involved.
  • jackson-site



    5 yrs old

  • kirstan-site



  • dj-site



  • diana-site



Jackson is almost 6 years old and lives in Manvel, TX with Mommy, Daddy and little sister Bella.  He was born with Down syndrome, but hasn't let that slow him down one bit. He's even a little bit of a celebrity, due to being featured in stories on Huffington Post, CBS News and The Mighty. Jackson is in Kindergarten, and is loved by his teachers and classmates. He loves to read books, watch Paw Patrol, play sports, swim and draw with chalk. Jackson's favorite band is The Ramones, and he insists on blasting to Blitzkrieg Bop (at full volume) every day on the way to school.

Kristan is a very talented woman who has Down Syndrome. She is on the DSAH Pantomime Troupe and has performed many times at birthday parties, conferences, and for doctors! She is often the center of attention, her outgoing and bubbly personality is very endearing!

DJ is an extremely outgoing individual with Down Syndrome. He is the life of the party! We often see DJ dancing and singing.  He aspires to be as great as his idle, Justin Bieber. DJ is very easy to become friends with and he’s a bit of ladies’ man. (; DJ also performs on the DSAH Pantomime Troupe with Kristan and Diana. We very much enjoy DJ and his great personality!

Diana is a very mature woman with Down Syndrome! She too is on the DSAH Pantomime Troupe and has performed many times alongside her team. She is a great friend and performer! Diana’s best friend is Kristan, they truly are one of kind!

Cloud Covered Streets

March 07 - March 20

As a 501(c)3, Cloud Covered Streets is focused on helping the homeless survive the streets on a one-on-one basis. Every time you support CCS, they hand deliver a fresh shirt, socks, & a toiletry kit to someone who is in need. The company was founded by Robert Thornton in Phoenix, AZ but has started to expand to Austin, TX as well as San Diego, CA. With goals to stretch countrywide, Cloud Covered Streets needs help from people like you every day!
  • daniel



  • steven



  • Richard



  • cowboy-site



We encountered Daniel on our first trip out to deliver shirts and letters of hope to those living on the streets. We met Daniel in a park in Phoenix off McDowell st. Daniel was not wearing a shirt when we first encountered him and he told us that all his clothing had been stolen a week before. He put his head in his hands and started to cry when we gave him a new shirt. Meeting Daniel that first day was a life changing moment.

We met Steven on our first trip out. Steven's sign said "Eyes don't lie. No home + hunger. Never drunk or high. Everything helps." Steven can often be found at the offramp of the 51 Freeway and Indian School rd in Phoenix. He is a kind and thoughtful man who is very appreciative of everything you can spare. The last time I saw Steven I put out my hand to shake his and he pulled me in for a hug and told me how much our support has meant to him. I will never forget that hug !

The first time we met Richard he was very shy but also very kind and complimented our Vice President Brie. The second time we met Richard his friends called him "Legend" and when we gave him new socks he showed us how his size 17 shoes were completely busted up. We posted a picture and within minutes one of our followers on social media messaged us that she ordered a pair of size 17 Nike's and they were on the way. Richard's eyes lit up when we handed him his new pair of shoes. If you live in Phoenix you can sometimes see him by the 10 Freeway offramp at 7th st. Please say hi to him if you see him.

Meet Cowboy. He lives under HWY 183 in Austin, Texas. He is an injured veteran who has traveled to 47 states and the Bahamas. He is currently working on obtaining identification cards after being robbed and would love to find his five children he lost contact with someday.

Friends Forever!

February 22 - March 06

Once we make a friend, we keep them forever! Check out the newest friends of Paper Clouds Apparel!!

Narcolepsy Network

Narcolepsy Network is a national patient support organization founded in 1986.  They are a nonprofit organization that relies on member dues and donations to fund our basic programs.  Their primary focus is to:
  • Educate and inform individuals with narcolepsy about this life-long neurological sleep disorder, available treatments and symptom management so they may be empowered to achieve the highest quality of life possible;
  • Provide emotional support and resources to patients, family members, and friends;
  • Encourage and assist in the formation of local support groups and other support systems;
  • Serve as a resource center for patients, medical providers, educators, employers, and members of the public;
  • Advocate for the interests of all persons with narcolepsy;
  • Promote early diagnosis, optimal treatment, and scientific research;
  • Increase public awareness of narcolepsy


Healing comes in many ways. LifeStriders is a non-profit organization that provides life-enhancing, physical and psychological experiences and services, to individuals with special needs. Through Equine-Assisted Therapy, children and adults can experience the beneficial physical and mental benefits achieved through the human-horse connection.

Miss Amazing

Miss Amazing provides opportunities for girls and women with disabilities to build confidence and self-esteem in a supportive environment. They believe that all people should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential. Through the Miss Amazing Pageant and other Miss Amazing programs, they give girls and women with disabilities that opportunity. In an atmosphere built around encouragement and support, they believe the Miss Amazing Pageant can bring the community together and encourage further inclusion for individuals with special needs.

Harvesting Hope

Harvesting Hope is a non-profit organization created to help young children living in Arizona who suffer from pediatric epilepsy. Many families of children suffering from pediatric epilepsy have reached a breaking point. Faced with the failures of traditional treatments, many are turning to medical cannabis to control their children’s seizures, often with amazing results. Unfortunately, due to the expense of purchasing medical cannabis, families often make tremendous sacrifices to improve their children’s quality of life.

It is Harvesting Hope’s mission to help these families, and we take a multifaceted approach to doing so. Primarily, we grant monetary endowments to lessen their financial burden. In addition, by partnering with local dispensaries, we provide access to medical cannabis grown exclusively for treating pediatric epilepsy. We also connect families to Harvesting Hope’s medical director to ensure proper dosing and care, and we provide services such as support groups, educational lectures, and access to medical specialists. Join the fight against pediatric epilepsy, and together we can change children’s lives forever.

  • omari-site



    9 yrs old

  • morgan-site



    8 yrs old

  • jaymee-site



    16 yrs old

  • elijah-site



    6 yrs old

Omari is 9 1/2 years old, he's got one sister and 2 brothers. He attends a STEM program and is a very smart kid but his narcolepsy can sometimes slow him down a little. He's a very helpful child at home, loves to clean house (what kid enjoys that!!!). He's been drawing freehand since he's about 4 years old, we had no idea he would have such talent. He generally draws only in pencil, most pictures he draws are from things he finds by googling or on youtube. Omari loves anime characters, and we also call him the 'animal whisperer' because we haven't found a pet yet that isn't drawn to him and his loving personality. He has a kind heart, he's funny, he makes friends easily, and has a soft quiet demeanor. He loves his video games, he's very creative, and give him 1-2 items and he can make something fun and useful out of it.

Morgan is a loving, empathetic, and silly 8-year-old second grader with a big heart and a sparkling personality that can make your heart fill when you spend time with her. She loves pigs, her brother, Gavin, yoga, and anything chocolate! She is also extremely creative and can often find her for hours drawing characters, writing stories or creating videos with her figurines. Morgan is diagnosed with classic autism and although she has struggles in navigating this crazy world of ours at certain times, she is showing us all how to live happily and authentically in the moment. Morgan looks forward to going to Lifestriders every week and has been going since she was 4 years old. She gains strength, has a bond with the horses (especially Champion!), and smiles and laughs while she works hard with her OT, Elisa, and her team of side walkers. She absolutely loves it there and giving Champion a treat at the end of each session. Morgan's shirt, Happy Joy Day, was inspired by a sunny morning. She drew it before breakfast and declared, "today is Happy Joy Day!". It's as simple as that. This story is her to a T. She takes off before we have time to think about it. She continues to amaze us every day.:)

Jaymee is a young adult from Boise Idaho, with Autism Spectrum Disorder ADHD. She enjoys playing sports, hanging out with friends and family and being in pageants. She also loves her job working at a kennel with dogs and cats. She likes to volunteer at animal shelters and with the elderly. She was recently crowned Idaho Miss Amazing Teen Queen 2015. Idaho miss Amazing, Inc shows girls and women with disabilities that they can serve their communities through philanthropy and serve as role models for the special needs community.

Elijah was born May 2009 is a medical cannabis user. Elijah experienced his first seizure at the age of six months. It wasn't until he was five years of age that his epileptic seizures became severe. In August 2015 he was hospitalized for a month while neurologists were trying different conventional medicines that were not working. He was having about 6-10 seizures a day. He lost his ability to speak, walk, and eat on his own. While in the hospital my mom told me about a friend she knew "Yolanda Daniels" who dealt with very similar issues with her granddaughter. I then got in touch with her and she told me all about her story and how medical marijuana helped her granddaughter so much. Desperate as I was for Elijah to get better I immediately started the process of getting Elijah his medical card. He then began taking cannabis oil "Charlotte's web." He was out the hospital a week later. It took some time to get the correct dosing amount right for Elijah's body but it was a blessing to have found something that helps.

HEART Center & Humor Writes

February 08 - February 21

The H.E.A.R.T. Center

The Harden Education and Recreation Therapy (H.E.A.R.T.) Center was founded in 2014 to offer an elevated and diverse recreation therapy program that fosters development and independence. By using recreation as a driver for positive life change, The H.E.A.R.T. Center provides education and opportunities for individuals of all levels and abilities.

Humor Writes

Humor Writes builds students’ confidence in self-expression, self-esteem, and writing skills by providing workshops that create a safe and supportive place to explore thoughts and ideas. They teach students fundamental creative writing skills, which support the efforts of classroom teachers by presenting high-quality, improvisational theater, by students for the broader community. Everyone that participates forms partnerships that allow students to further their personal artistic expression and development.
  • mason-site



    9 yrs old

  • emma-site



    12 yrs old

  • mattias-arianna-site


    Mattias & Arianna

    8 yrs old

  • michael



    4 yrs old

Mason is Emma’s little brother. He loves anything related to cars and their keys and is very active in Jiu Jitsu. Mason attended his first overnight Horse Camp last summer and gained confidence just by being with and riding the horses. Even though Mason is the little brother, many times he plays the part of the older sibling. He’s got an amazing amount of patience and unconditional love for his sister and is very protective of her. Mason loved being able to share a special camp experience with his older sister and is very excited that his art can help other siblings of children with special needs experience camp as well.

Emma has been riding horses since she was 5 years old! She’s been an animal lover since she was a baby and has a special bond with horses thanks to helping care for her Grandpa’s mules! Hippotherapy has enriched Emma’s life in so many ways. She has gained a greater sense of responsibility and confidence by caring for the horses and has experienced tremendous growth in her physical balance and body coordination. One thing that always stood out to me was that she never has had a seizure around the horses. In fact, she rarely had seizures on days she rode the horses. Coincidence? Whether battling seizures, overcoming visual impairment, or healing from several hip surgeries, these horses have been a constant source of love and affection and focus in her life. The opportunity to attend horse camp has been an incredible experience for Emma. It has enabled her to build independence, social confidence and team working skills in an environment that cares for each child’s needs- while allowing them a traditional camp experience that every child cherishes for a lifetime.

Mattias and Arianna created this special artwork together! They share a very special sibling bond. Mattias was diagnosed with Autism at 23 months and Arianna has been the most compassionate and supportive sister the whole way. Both kids have a passion for art and horses and created this piece to showcase the camp opportunities that The H.E.A.R.T. Center provides. It takes a special program to be able to provide such memorable experiences and learning opportunities for children like Mattias. Appropriate social interactions, making friends, and participating in group activities have always been extraordinarily challenging for him. The H.E.A.R.T. Center has created a camp that not only provides intensive therapeutic programming in a fun way but has given him the ability to engage in age-appropriate social experiences that he so wishes to be a part of as an 8-year-old boy. We are so grateful for the camp opportunities that have been provided for Mattias and we want to help make this opportunity possible for all children with special needs!

Michael, 4yrs old, attends the Homeward Bound children services activities regularly and enjoys interacting with staff and his friends. He is very energetic and loves creating masterpieces like the one submitted for the annual summer camp art competition. Homeward is happy to have partnerships with organizations like Humor Writes that promote confidence in self-expression and self-esteem while mixing educational skills for the children in the program.

Fanconi Anemia Research Foundation

January 25 - February 07

Lynn and Dave Frohnmayer started the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund, Inc. in 1989 to fund research into this disease and to provide support to affected families worldwide through medical referral, education, publications and annual family meetings. To this end, more than $25 million has been raised since the Fund’s inception. Fanconi anemia is an inherited disease that can lead to bone marrow failure and cancer. Though considered primarily a blood disease, FA may affect all systems of the body. It is a complex and chronic disorder that is psychologically demanding. FA is also a cancer-prone disease, affecting patients decades earlier than the general population.
  • carter-site



    9 yrs old

  • mary-jo-site


    Mary Jo

  • cale-site



    9 yrs old

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Carter is an out-going 9 year old boy from Raleigh, NC. Carter lives with his mom, Crystal, dad, Josh, brother, Ethan, dog, Cassie, and hamster, Charlotte. He loves playing hockey on his roller skates in the house and tackle football with his little brother in the living room. Carter has Fanconi Anemia(FA) and was diagnosed at 13 months old. He was born with two holes in his heart, a hypoplastic thumb and missing right kidney. Right after Carter’s third birthday, his bone marrow began to fail. Carter went through 5 days of chemotherapy and radiation, and then he received his “new blood”. He had a matched, un-related marrow donor (bone marrow transplant) on February 5, 2010. Since his transplant, Carter has done well. He has had numerous surgeries, hospitalizations and setbacks, but always comes back with a smile!

I am a mother of three children, Israel, Isaac, & Mariana. Israel was diagnosed with Fanconi Anemia in 2010 when he was 1 1/2 years old and Mariana was diagnosed a week after she was born in 2013. Israel’s diagnosis was a huge blow to our family because just two months earlier, our nephew, who also had FA, passed away due to complications following his bone marrow transplant. Our family relocated from Oklahoma to Minnesota in September 2014 for Israel’s bone marrow transplant. He received his “bow and arrow” transplant (as he called it) on October 28, 2014 and he passed away 8 months later on June 28, 2015. He was 6 1/2 years old. A few weeks before he passed away, Israel told me he wanted to plant sunflowers. We were unable to grant this wish because we were not allowed to bring live plants onto the BMT unit. Since he has died, sunflowers have become a symbol of him and his continued presence in my life. I have seen them so many unexpected places and have received them from friends, both of which have been a comfort to me. And so, I chose to draw a sunflower for my artwork submission to you in memory of him. Like sunflowers, he brought joy and light to my life and the lives of everyone who knew him.

Cale is a true hero through his distinguishing courage and unique abilities. Despite his daily struggles, Cale is determined to bring warmth and kindness to everyone he meets. Even in illness, he manages to smile and introduce himself to all those in the room. His positive attitude and encouraging embrace, make people want to know him. He is able to make everyone feel comfortable when they are around him. He teaches us what it means to show genuine care and concern for others, without judgment or disregard. His personality will draw you in, and make you want to have a great day. It is truly impossible to have a bad day when Cale is around.

Ben lives in a suburb of Toronto and is the proud older brother to Nate (FA). Ben loves Tae Kwon Do, history, and Star Wars. He drew this shark at camp when he was 10 during an introduction to pen and ink. Ben took it very hard when he was not a bone marrow match for his brother. Martial arts, music, and art have helped him work through the stress of living with this cruel disease and have let him fund raise for research any way he can including playing trumpet, contributing art, and helping in bone marrow drives.