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Project Outreach Fairhope

November 16 - November 29

Project Outreach Fairhope is a growing organization and is very excited about the partnership with PCA. We truly believe all people have a right to experience the same things in life and that is what Project Outreach is all about. The main purpose of Project Outreach Fairhope is to establish meaningful relationships with students with multiple disabilities, provide social opportunities to support these meaningful relationships, and to raise awareness and funding for students with special needs.

Our students have shown just how easy it is to see past a label to the actual person. Shelby’s story allowed us to team with you, now we hope that teaming with Paper Clouds leads to even more awareness and acceptance in our community.
  • shelby-site

    The Artist


    18 years old

  • david-site

    The Artist


    15 years old

  • sade'-site

    The Artist


    19 years old

  • sarah-site

    The Artist


    14 years old

Shelby is an 18-year-old senior at Fairhope High School. She has cerebral palsy which affects her muscle tone and motor coordination. Shelby uses a power wheelchair for mobility and an ECO communication device when people have a difficult time understanding her. She loves to talk so she doesn't use it often! "Recently, I was crowned homecoming queen at Fairhope High School. It was so exciting and fun! It felt great knowing that my classmates voted for me. I am honored to be Fairhope High School's 2015 Homecoming Queen!"

David is a fifteen-year-old with Down syndrome who enjoys music, his three brothers, his dog Grace and going to church. He was not expected to live beyond age 5 and has a knack for overcoming odds of all kinds. His laughter is contagious, and he loves to dance and play the drums at his school's pep rallies and in parades with the band. He is a huge fan of Phillip Phillips and Meghan Trainor. David plays baseball, swims and has won medals at the local and state Special Olympics. He also does a lot of boogie boarding and seagull-chasing at the beach. David has helped hundreds of people face their fears and inspires others to have undying courage, faith and joy.

Sade' was born a on Friday evening on April 12, 1996 at 33 weeks to the proud parents of Darrell and Candi. At 9:06 PM, she entered this world weighing 8 lbs. 15 oz. - she was a big preemie. She was transported to a NICU Hospital where she spent only three weeks before coming home. Sade' is now 19, full of energy and laughter. She loves basketball, buying movies and being Little Bubbles the Clown. She knows how to make you day!

Sarah is a beautiful 14-year girl with 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome. Like so many with 22q, Sarah’s journey has been just as unique as the 180 different ways 22q symptoms can manifest themselves. You may be asking why? Well, here is why. Sarah wasn’t diagnosed until the fall of 2014. That’s right; Sarah was 13 when she finally had the name for what makes her such a rockstar! Sarah was born with a unilateral soft cleft palate that was surgically repaired at 6 months and again when she was 4 years old. She was later diagnosed with ADHD as a result of her inability to stay focused and on task in school. This never really added up & left us feeling like we were missing something. However, this all changed in the summer of 2014 when Sarah had her first seizure. During the process of ruling out any neurological abnormalities, we asked for genetic testing. Of the three that her doctors screened her for, one came back positive. The diagnosis was 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome. She now had a name for her uniqueness & with that name a new world of information flooded in. We discovered that cleft palates are common & that a large number of 22qts are indeed diagnosed with ADHD as well as some falling on the Autism Spectrum. But we also discovered that anxiety is a symptom & the effects on those that have it are debilitating. All of the things that previously gave her joy, now caused her great fear. For months after the seizure, she no longer slept by herself, baths & showers often caused complete meltdowns & being away from home after dark was frightening. But with the help of art, talking with family & lots of prayer, Sarah is overcoming her anxiety. She loves giving hugs & sharing her infectious joy with everyone she meets. She truly knows no strangers! All that know her love her. She enjoys drawing, painting & playing her violin. Most days you can find her outside catching butterflies, swimming in Mobile Bay or acting out all of the scenes from Disney’s Frozen. She makes the perfect Anna! Her design for Paper Clouds is from her heart & is a reminder to herself and others living with anxiety to “Be calm & let it GO!” To find out more about 22q, please visit the Dempster Family Foundation or Google 22q.

iCan House

November 02 - November 15

In our community, there exists a large population who live their daily lives with autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, PDD-NOS, and other social disorders. As they grow and experience a world created with rules that they may not understand, it is imperative that these unique individuals are provided with positive social models that care to help them grasp the social world in which they must live in. This is where iCan House comes in!

iCan House is a 501 c3 nonprofit organization registered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The iCan House educates, supports, and enhances the lives of those with social challenges and their families. We do so by teaching social and life skills using our own unique, interactive and engaging curriculum. We currently offer more than 8 programs and using this positive approach, we help members learn life, social, and independence skills. By doing so, our members also develop a sense of belonging and purpose.

Participants are often faced with bullying, isolation, debilitating anxieties, and depression. As children reach adolescence, eventually transitioning into adulthood, problems are likely to grow and worsen with no help. In attempts to eventually live independently, they can experience even greater social challenges, executive functioning challenges, and real life dangers. Unfortunately, our adults are often vulnerable and at risk of victimization and violation. Providing instruction in life, independence, and social skills can prevent such negative outcomes.
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    The Artist


    7 years old

  • amber-site

    The Artist


    43 years old

  • ican-artist-site

    The Artist


    13 years old

Brandon's mom would like to introduce him to everyone! "Brandon has many obstacles in his life related to autism. One way he has found that helps him cope with his everyday stress is to draw. He loves to draw and has since he was very young. He has a vivid imagination and loves to show everyone what he can do. With each picture he draws, it builds his self-confidence. So, please buy a shirt to help support Autism and Brandon's special passion."

Amber was diagnosed as autistic by her pediatrician when she was four, and had the typical struggles of autism, including with speech and social interaction. After eight years of post-secondary education, combining community and four-year college, Amber earned a Bachelors of Arts in History at Salem College, cum laude. In her senior year, at age 29, she also was able to obtain her driver's license, opening up more doors for gainful employment after years of getting around on a bicycle. Four years later, Amber was hired by N.C. Baptist Hospital and has worked there for ten years. Currently, Amber is at Forsyth Technical Community College getting an Associates in Applied Science, for Digital Effects and Animation, due to her newfound interest in art. She also hangs out with friends she has made at iCan House on a regular basis.

Tasha is a teen who has been diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. She is a kind, compassionate, happy person despite the sometimes overwhelming stress and anxiety she feels in social situations. At iClub she is learning strategies to help her navigate through this social world of ours: how to make friends, successfully communicate, have self-awareness, and how to handle stress and anxiety. Tasha was adopted from China at 11 months old and she is the joy of her parent's lives. She loves animals and hopes you will enjoy this Chinese panda in honor of her.

Artists 4 Carson

October 19 - November 01

Carson just celebrated his second birthday a few months ago, and since then has been in and out of the hospital several times. He was admitted again for a twelve-day stay; to undergo treatments, testing and hoping for a diagnosis from a leading Children's Hospital for the disease plaguing his immune system. With his temperature spiking dangerously high on a regular basis and an alarming white blood cell count, his antibiotics being administered are both painful and extremely expensive.

Both of his parents work hard, and there has been either mommy or daddy at the hospital while the other is at work since admission over a week ago; along with Carsons older sister Chloe visiting- but that still means they're losing one full-time income. Hospital expenses have exceeded forty thousand dollars.

Please lend a helping hand to a wonderful family, all help is so deeply appreciated. If you're unable to donate, please share on your social media. Thank you


He has been released home for outpatient care, returning to the hospital tomorrow and then again in a few days for more treatments while also having home health care and therapy.

He is facing dysphagia, on top of heart abnormalities, sensory processing disorder, and possible autism. This poor guy has had quite the rough run so far.

The financial situation is now dire to say the least, between losing one full-time income so a parent could be with him for his 12-day stay in the hospital and the medical bills that have since accrued. We aren't sure of exact numbers, but the average daily stay for a hospital bed is $3,500 in thy hospital... Which adds up to $42,000 before all of the procedures, receiving intravenous antibiotics every 4 hours, and a massive amount of testing that is still ongoing.

Let's call in all favors and make a million IOU's - Let us unite and make beautiful things happen for this family.

  • jessica-site

    The Artist


    23 years old

  • lauren-site

    The Artist


    23 years old

Jessica is an illustrator and realism artist focusing on graphite and ink. She studied Fine Art in Manhattan and then transferred to Rowan University studying narrative illustration. Jess thrives to bring imagination to a piece. She has sold over 14 original pieces of work around the country and 4 other countries. She works freelance and is a guest artist for multiple companies including Ivy Longboards. "Speaking through my artwork is a big part of me as well as having a big heart and helping others. When I was asked to help out in any way for Carson I knew I'd want to join in by doing the one thing I love the most. It brings me so much happiness to share my work and knowing I can help this bright young spirit with it brings me joy. I am honored to be donating my work to a company who's helping out this child and family any way they can."

"My name is Lauren and I work full time as a graphic designer. Upon hearing about the 'Artists 4 Carson' campaign from one of my best friends, Jess, I instantly wanted to get involved. Even though I work a full time and part time job, I still wanted to take the time to make sure I could contribute something to help Carson raise money. This is simply an opportunity that I could not pass up and I am absolutely honored to be involved with such a project. I enlisted the help of my 12-year-old brother and came up with two designs I think could be appealing to all ages. I really hope Carson likes my designs and I truly hope we are able to raise a great deal of money."

International Down Syndrome Coalition

October 05 - October 18

The International Down Syndrome Coalition (IDSC) is dedicated to helping and advocating for individuals with Down syndrome from conception and throughout life. They promote the dignity and respect of individuals with DS and assist the families who love them. They provide support, education and connection to other families as well as to local resources. The IDSC operates and advocates independent of any political cause or religious affiliation and we welcome all to our community.
  • Dan-site

    The Artist


    21 years old

  • Kamryn-site

    The Artist


    13 years old

  • Madison-site

    The Artist


    15 years old

  • Justin-site

    The Artist


    32 years old

Daniel was born with trisomy 21. He is a happy go lucky kinda of guy. He brings so much joy and laughter to everyone he meets. He is very involved with several community projects. He has several nicknames that included Honey Badger, Dan Dan the Minion Man, and Dan the Man. He is a popular guy at his school and was recently named prom king by his fellow students. He always exceeds every expectation and breaks down many walls of communication. His love knows no boundaries. He can be followed on his Facebook blog called Chromosomal Chronicles.

Kamryn is a 13-year old with Down Syndrome who loves to laugh, be silly, spend time with her family and pet dogs. She enjoys cooking, bike rides, and listening to music. Kamryn loves Bruno Mars and knows all the dance moves to the video of “Up Town Funk You Up”. She is a Special Olympic athlete who swims both freestyle and backstroke and has won multiple medals at the State level. Kamryn is a loving and affectionate teenager who cares deeply about her family and friends and never fails to keep people laughing. Her love for others is a gift and an inspiration to all who know her! Kamryn has contributed the Alien to this campaign!

Madison is 15 years old and lives in Las Vegas, NV with her family and dogs Roxy and Joey. Madison is currently a sophomore at Faith Lutheran High School where she participates in choir and sneaks all the french fries she can get. Her love for music, singing, art and dance is utterly infectious and has led her all the way to Disneyland’s Christmas Parade with her dance team Move Performing Arts. Madison is incredibly independent, silly and constantly full of attitude and jokes, and she inspires everyone around her to see the world in a more colorful light. Her Hippo is here for you!

Justin is 32 years old and works at a wood shop in a supported vocational program in Tucson, Arizona.  Just loves to exercise, draw pictures, listen to music, and anything fireman related.  He is close with his family (especially his uncles!) and enjoys spending time with them while rock climbing and canoeing.  Justin has a dog, Koty, and two cats, Jacob Marley and Jordin Sparks.  Justin has a diagnosis of Down Syndrome with Autism Spectrum Disorder but his disability certainly does not define him!! The Dog is named Casey Blue, he was a dog who belonged to a dear friend who died recently, and Justin drew with picture of Casey's owner as a gift because she sent him a new art kit!

Four Ways to Support

September 21 - October 04

Autism Society of North Virgina

ASNV is one of more than 100 chapters of the Autism Society, which has been a leading source for trusted and reliable information about autism since 1965.  Our chapter is directed by a volunteer executive committee and board made up of parents, self-advocates, educators, therapists, business owners and military service members.  Committees include Advocacy, Development, and Education & Support.  We hold monthly board meetings on the third Thursday of every month that are open to the public, and we are always looking for new board members and volunteers.

Dempster Family Foundation

We believe that treating symptoms without an urgency to diagnose the cause of those symptoms is an outdated, unproductive course of action for patients with “rare” disorders - like 22q deletion syndrome. At the Dempster Family Foundation everything we do, we do because we believe those living with 22q Deletion Syndrome deserve to be treated by professionals who understand the unique needs associated with the disorder. We believe that many pediatricians around the world are likely seeing children in their practices right now who were born with 22q. The unfortunate reality is that most of those physicians have yet to recognize the myriad of health issues as 22q yet. Our gut instinct tells us that the true incidence rate of 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome is likely much higher than estimated due to the large number of individuals that go undiagnosed for years. We believe the first step to public awareness is only possible when these stories are given a platform to educate the public and the professionals.

Jared's Journey

Jared will be 4 years old Sept 8th. He is a triplet. (He has 2 sisters Sophia & Ava) They were born at 28 weeks. He spent 12 weeks in the NICU. He came home on Thanksgiving 2011. Jared suffers with PVL (Periventricular Leukomalacia), multiple seizure disorders, Chronic Lung Disease (Broncho pulmonary Dysplasia), GERD (Gastro esophageal reflux disease) CP (cerebral palsy) and CVI (Cortical Visual Impairment). Due to his many medical needs he has been hospitalized numerous times, requires many different medications, medical equipment, medical procedures, multiple types of therapies and special care.

The Arc of North Virgina

The Arc of Northern Virginia- Is a local affiliate of the largest non-profit organization supporting thousands of people and families living with cognitive, intellectual, and developmental disabilities. We provide service and education locally and on a state level, as well as, information and referral, special needs trust programs, self-advocacy empowerment opportunities, and special events. We distribute weekly updates for families, professionals and individuals living in the cities and counties of Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax.
  • conner-site

    The Artist


    23 years old

  • NooDy-site

    The Artist


    7 years old

  • jared-site

    The Artist


    4 years old

"My name is Conner. I am 23 years old. In 2015 I accomplished tying my shoes, swallowing a pill and changing a law...Conner's Law. I did not speak until age 7 and now I am speaking to you and Congress. To draw these pictures I tried hard. I practiced first holding a pencil and feeling the movement. I drew to the best the vision that was in my head. One is a self-me speaking in front of Congress, Conner, and the other is me inside and how I feel. Please order lots of shirts and give them to your friends & family. Telling them they can accomplish anything with hard work, lots of tries & BELIEVE."

Mason more commonly known as NooDy was born premature. He is 7 years old and has 22q, apraxia, cerebral palsy and several other diagnoses.  NooDy does not let that define him.   The fact that he can't talk doesn't stop him from making new friends where ever he goes. NooDy has a genuine love (obsession) for baseball and in particular the Tennessee Smokies (Chicago Cubs double A affiliate)  He wants nothing more than to be a part of a baseball team and the Smokies have taken him under their wings and made him an honorary member of their bullpen. Cub will be on this campaign and is the very first recognizable drawing he has ever created  :)

Jared will be 4 years old Sept 8th. He is a triplet. (He has 2 sisters Sophia & Ava) They were born at 28 weeks. He spent 12 weeks in the NICU. He came home on Thanksgiving 2011. Jared suffers with PVL (Periventricular Leukomalacia), multiple seizure disorders, Chronic Lung Disease (Broncho pulmonary Dysplasia), GERD (Gastro esophageal reflux disease) CP (cerebral palsy) and CVI (Cortical Visual Impairment). Due to his many medical needs he has been hospitalized numerous times, requires many different medications, medical equipment, medical procedures, multiple types of therapies and special care. Butterfly is going to be helping Jared's Journey through these trials & tribulations.


September 07 - September 20

This campaign we have invited four of our friends to collaborate and help each other raise money and awareness of their causes. Not only is it FOR our Friends, but there are FOUR of them! Keep reading to find out a little more about each cause as well as a link to their page for more in depth discovery!

Firefighters vs Autism

Firefighters vs. Autism is an organization whose mission it is to end wandering related drownings and childhood deaths in the autism community. With the help of good people like yourself, they pay for rescue swim lessons, pool fences, autism awareness training for first responders, equine therapy, and autism service dogs–all of which save lives of children with autism. Whether you’re the parent of a child with autism, know someone who is, or you’re a concerned citizen, we need your help.

We Rock For Autism

This wonderful organization uses all of it's donations to organize fundraisers, events and concerts that will be held with the purpose of raising awareness and funds, as well as merchandise sales and advertising opportunities. We Rock for Autism does not keep any of the profits from any events or sales. They use those donations and profits to help assist children with autism receive music therapy, music players, instruments and more.

Red Glasses Productions

Red Glasses Productions' mission is to bring awareness, acceptance and hope to all children with special needs. They desire to be a catalyst for change and want to partner with parents, teachers and community leaders to help raise a generation of children that are aware and unafraid of people that look and act differently. Their hope is that parents and schools read books written by founder Lissette Lent to help educate and encourage children to ask questions and to inspire kindness and compassion.

Northwest Special Olympics

Northwest Independent School District is extremely excited to present their program: Northwest Special Olympics. They are eager to become established in the community and represent the district well. Northwest Special Olympics will allow all eligible special education students to participate in a variety of sports. The NISD Special Olympics program offers their athletes a tremendous opportunity to represent their schools and their community as well as get individually recognized. NISD Special Olympics represents the district as whole and not individual schools. As their program continues to grow Bowling, Flag Football, Basketball, and hosting a Track and Field meet are some of the opportunities they would like to explore in the future. Their future plan is to take most, if not all, of their special education kids to as many of these competitions as possible. Please know that all purchases you make will positively impact their special education students. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.
  • emily-site

    The Artist


    14 years old

  • isabel-site

    The Artist


    9 years old

  • garrison-site

    The Artist


    16 years old

  • maggie-site

    The Artist


    7 years old

Emily is a kind, sensitive and energetic 14 year old diagnosed with Autism. Her family has raised her to know about her diagnosis and together they have learned to overcome many obstacles Autism can bring. Emily attends Kino School in Tucson, Arizona and recently started 8th grade. Emily loves spending time with her family and friends and loves all animals, especially dogs. Emily recently started volunteering at the local no-kill cat shelter and hopes to be an animal rescuer someday. Emily is very expressive in her art and often you will find her writing in her journal or drawing. She is very creative with an enormous imagination and loves to make people laugh. Emily's Scaredy Fire will be helping Firefighters vs Autism!!

Isabel loves to draw, loves animals, and Minecraft. She was diagnosed with autism at 5 years but it has not stopped her. She is quirky and special in so many ways. Isabel's Hands Full heart will be helping to raise money for We Rock For Autism!

Garrison, or as we like to call him, Garrison the Great, is the boy that everybody loves. Garrison was diagnosed with severe Autism at 4 years old but that doesn’t define who he is! Garrison is 16 years old and loves animals, especially dinosaurs! You can ask him any question about pretty much any animal that has ever lived and he will tell you anything you want to know about it! Garrison loves watching YouTube videos about Mario Brothers characters and a puppet named Chef Pee Pee. His favorite activities include going to the zoo, Cabella’s and of course Special Olympics. Garrison has been a Special Olympics Olympian for 6 years now. He loves participating in track and field events, bowling and basketball. The only thing he doesn't like about competing is when he doesn’t win first place. It makes him very sad but that doesn’t stop him from going back and trying again. Special Olympics has helped Garrison with everything from his speech, to his social skills (many of his dearest friends he met through Special Olympics), to improving his coordination. His 3 younger sisters and his parents love nothing more than going and cheering him on!   Garrison's awesome Apatosaurus will be helping him raise money for his Special Olympics team!

Soon after she was home from the hospital, Maggie was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Trisomy 8 Mosaicism Syndrome. A person with this syndrome has three complete copies (rather than the typical two) of chromosome 8 in some or most his or her cells. This condition can cause a wide range of mental and physical obstacles. In Maggie's case, it caused developmental delays amongst other things. From the day she was born, she has been attached to a variety of devices: apnea monitor, feeding tube, cranial band, back and leg braces, walker, wheelchair and many more. Maggie has agenesis of the corpus callosum, which means the one hundred million nerve fibers connecting the right and left hemisphere of her brain never formed. This is the cause of Maggie’s learning and physical developmental delays. Born tongue-tied, she was diagnosed as being non-verbal. She has learned sign language and can sign over seventy words. Additionally, she uses a communication device to speak and amazingly can now verbalize "Mommy," "Daddy," and "Eat"! While in utero, Maggie's Cardiologist and Urologist predicted she would need immediate open-heart surgery to repair her bicuspid valve causing aortic stenosis and correct her kidney reflux. Although the kidney surgery was completed, miraculously her heart surgery got postponed. Then six-month check-ups evolved into annual visits and eventually into an appointment every three years! As her cardiologist states, Maggie is a walking miracle. Maggie was assisted by the Foundation for Blind Children for the first three years of her life. They were instrumental in helping to strengthen her weak optic muscles caused by Duane Syndrome. This syndrome along with Cortical Visual Impairment have caused Maggie to wear glasses since she was one year old. Due to Maggie's scoliosis, various skeletal deformities, low muscle tone, and developmental delay, Doctors said that IF Maggie ever walked; it would not be until much later in her life. Once again, she surpassed their expectations and began walking around 3 and half years old! At the age of four, Maggie received bilateral surgery to reconstruct her feet. This kept Maggie in casts but never slowed her down. The surgery is a temporary success as additional foot surgery may be in her future. Not only does she walk, she LOVES to dance! Anything with a funky beat will get her moving! Maggie has an upcoming surgery, Spring 2015, to lengthen muscles in her arms allowing her to have full range of motion. Because of severe GI reflux, Maggie refused to eat and was diagnosed Failure to Thrive when she was one year old. Eating was a painful experience for her, and she became resistant to anything around her mouth, throwing up at the sight of food. She had a GI tube placed in her stomach and was tube fed for over three years. Slowly and with a lot of tears, Maggie regained interest and one day ripped out her tube. Today, her family cannot keep enough food in front of her. She loves to eat! Although the feeding issue has resolved, Maggie still suffers from severe constipation and takes daily medication to help her process her food. Upcoming tests are in her near future to verify there is no internal blockage. After many prayers, surgeries and instrumental therapies, she defies the odds and continues to surpass her Doctor’s expectations. She brings joy and delight to everyone she encounters. Maggie’s life is a magnificently, beautiful display of strength and perseverance along with a perfect reflection of her name, HOPE. Maggie's Awareness illustration will be helping raise funds for Red Glasses Productions!

Ronan Thompson Foundation

August 24 - September 06

The Ronan Thompson Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to finding a cure for neuroblastoma, a form of childhood cancer. We are currently fundraising to create a world-class neuroblastoma research and care center dedicated to funding both traditional and non-traditional treatments to reduce the number of children affected by this disease and increase survival rates. Pediatric cancer is the number one disease killer of children. Neuroblastoma is the fifth most common cancer in children, and tragically, less than half of these patients are cured. Neuroblastoma is the deadliest form of pediatric cancer. The Ronan Thompson Foundation believes that this fact is not acceptable. Children deserve betters odds and better outcomes. Children deserve a chance to live. They deserve to have the chance to grow up - something that so many of us take for granted.
  • Jadyn-site

    The Artist


    21 years old

  • Kate-site

    The Artist


    10 years old

Jadyn is a full time college student, track star and Ronan's cousin. Her love for the outdoors, nature, and a good adventure ensures a great time. Jadyn's infectious laugh and sweet soul make her one of Maya's most favorite people to spend time with. She walks around this world and continuously honors Ronan by living her life like he did: wild and free.

Kate is a 10-year-old with a passion for dance and finding a cure for pediatric cancer. She tries to live everyday to its fullest following Maya’s guide on “How to Live Like A Rockstar,” with a little bit of Ronan’s spice in her heart. Kate hooked up with the RTF when she dedicated her 7thbirthday to Ronan and asked for donations instead of gifts. She has continued to be a young, but fierce warrior in the fight against pediatric cancer - living a life she can be proud of. She hopes to one day grow up to find a cure for cancer, but is ok with finding a new dream when someone gets to it first!

Hope Kids

August 10 - August 23

HopeKids provides ongoing events, activities and a powerful, unique support community for families who have a child with cancer or some other life-­threatening medical condition. We surround these remarkable children and their families with the message that hope can be a powerful medicine. Their mission is to restore hope and transform the lives of children with life-­threatening medical conditions, their families and the communities in which we serve.
  • jackson-3

    The Artist

    Action Jackson

    4 years old

  • grace-anchor

    The Artist


    14 years old

  • hopekids

    The Artist


    14 years old

  • cynthia-unity

    The Artist


    48 years old

Action Jackson Dupps is 4 year old self proclaimed "War Machine." In January 2013, just shy of his 2nd birthday, he was admitted to Phoenix Children's Hospital with two respiratory infections and what later would be determined as a rare and aggressive form of kidney cancer called Wilms Tumor. Jackson underwent a year of treatment including radiation, chemo, biopsies, surgeries, blah, blah, blah. Through it all, Jackson truly was a war machine, calling himself "Iron Baby" when referring to his catha-port. During this time (and thanks to big brother Ethan) he found a love for Super Heroes and of course - Villians. His favorite Spider Man villian, and then animal, became THE RHINO. This is very appropriate as these magical animals have a thick protective skin, a horn many believe have healing powers (including reducing fevers), and legends that actually detail them stomping out fires. Jackson drew this rhino with help from his Dad, and added the special message of “HOPE" which HopeKids has brought to him and his family during a challenging time. Today, Jackson is a happy and active boy getting ready to return to pre-school with his friends and favorite teacher Ms. Jane.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting HopeKids, PCA, and Action Jackson by Rocking the Rhino!!!

Grace is a sibling to Andrew. Andrew is currently 16 and is a brain tumor survivor. "My art was influenced by my brother's illness but it was also influenced by other things. He made my art have so much more meaning than a person or a few words drawn on the paper. He made me draw things in life you don't think about on a daily basis because I was starting to see the world in such a different way than before. And now I draw because of him. He would hand me a blank piece of paper and ask me to draw what he was signing and I would do my best to draw or do whatever he asked. That made me realize that he saw what I do and he likes what i draw. Whenever I show him what I draw he gives me a thumbs up. And that's when I know what I drew was good because my brother thought so. And that's all that matters to me." Grace is a 14 year-old young lady who will be a freshmen at Williams Field High School. She has always been very interested in art, especially drawing and painting, spending much of her free time sketching beautiful designs and characters from books she reads. She has taken art classes at school and shows creativity in her many designs. She is one of 13 children and enjoys the busy, active lifestyle that brings. She helps at home by working in the garden, collecting eggs, and milking goats. Although she is not yet sure what she wants to do in the future, she is certain that art will be part of her future.

This piece was done by an anonymous artist from HopeKids. It reminds us that everything they do is about hope. HopeKids is about surrounding these remarkable children and their families with the message that hope is a powerful medicine and that we will come alongside them to walk through this together. It is their heart. It is their message. It is their mission.

Cynthia is the mother of our HopeKids Emily. Emily is 19 and a Synovial Sarcoma survivor. Cynthia was born in San Jose, Ca. but now she lives in Queen Creek, AZ with Bill, her husband of 28 yrs. She has so many Hopes of cures, but the one that tugs at her heart is "Hope of Unity". No more racism!  She hopes that children can soon go out in public without fear or pain. She hopes that we can all live as equals and live United!


Throwback vs. Cancer

July 27 - August 09

You asked for it and Paper Clouds has done it again! We have brought together three cancer battling causes this campaign! Read on for more info about each one :)

Ronan Thompson Foundation

  Ronan Thompson was a bright, energetic little boy that always kept his family smiling and laughing. In August of 2010, he was diagnosed with a stage IV Neuroblastoma and fought valiantly or the next 10 months. Ronan's battle with Neuroblastoma ended on May 9, 2011, but his fight will go on. Ronan continues to inspire his family in the way he lived his life full of passion, strength, and courage. He will live forever in their hearts and minds as the most beautiful little boy to ever have touched the earth. The Ronan Thompson Foundation raises funds for research that will find new and innovative ways to treat neuroblastoma, and ultimately, find a cure for this disease. The Foundation wants to create a World Class Neuroblastoma Research and Care Center and we're thrilled to help by contributing 50% of the proceeds from this campaign to this cause.

St Baldrick's Foundation

  This campaign is our forth with St. Baldrick's and we're so excited to be supporting such a wonderful organization again. If you've never heard about St. Baldrick's, let us fill you in! This organization raises money for kids cancer research. Kids who are diagnosed with cancer have to be treated differently than adults with the disease. No child should ever have to face cancer and we are so happy to do our part in helping raise funds to help find the cure! The HEART this campaign was created by Grace whose amazing mom is part of a group of called 46 Mommas. This group shaves their heads to raise awareness and funds for kids cancer. To learn more about our incredible artist, read her bio while you shop and to learn more about our incredible cause, visit

Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children

  Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children (ACFC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation created to support Arizona children diagnosed with cancer and their families. The organization spotlights the need to significantly increase clinical research and treatment options for children suffering from cancer. Through a partnership with the Ronald A. Matrciaria Institute of Molecular Medicine at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, ACFC supports developing cancer treatments and therapies that specifically combat pediatric cancer. Chrisie and her husband, Nick Funari, started the foundation after Chrisie’s 5-year-old daughter, Ava, passed away from a three year struggle with Stage Four Neuroblastoma; an aggressive form of pediatric cancer.
  • maya

    The Artist


  • Ava and Eli - Mothers Day

    The Artist


    9 years old

  • Grace

    The Artist


    12 years old

Maya is Ronan's mother and she contributed two incredible quotes that remind her of her son. She was generous to share the story behind each of these special sayings with us. All good things are wild and free is my favorite quote by Henry David Thoreau. It stands for everything that Ronan was in his short little life and it is something I try to carry on for him in my life here. I try to live as wild and freely as possible knowing that tomorrow is never guaranteed. Everyday we are here is a gift and should not be wasted. "You keep me safe, I'll keep you wild" is another one of my favorite quotes. In my heart, I'm keeping Ronan safe forever. In turn, he is reminding me to keep going, to keep knocking down doors, and to keep fighting cancer for kids the non conventional wild way that he would want me to.

Eli lost his little sister Ava to cancer when she was almost 5 and he was 6. Eli and Ava were best friends. Ava was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of pediatric cancer, when she was just 1.5 years old. Eli was by Ava's side for all of her treatment - never giving her special treatment and always treating her just like any other little sister. Eli and Ava both wanted to make sure that no other kids ever get cancer and if they did get cancer they wanted to make sure that they would get better fast. Chrisie Funari, Eli and Ava's mom, started the 501(c)(3) non profit organization Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children after Ava passed away to stay true to her children's wishes and help cure children with cancer right here in Arizona. Eli is Co-President of the Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children children's program, Ava's Angels; a unique program where kids can help kids with cancer. Eli created both of the designs that benefit Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children for the next two weeks!!

Grace is a caring and vibrant 12 year old girl and a 6th grader at The Wolf School in Rhode Island. The middle of 3 sisters, Grace loves reading, swimming, traveling with her family, being with animals, and singing along to musicals, especially WICKED. Her ability to find silver linings in every situation is a source of inspiration for all who love her. In 2007, at age 5, Grace was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a fast growing tumor in her cerebellum. She underwent surgery, proton beam therapy, and chemotherapy, and is now a 6 year survivor. Despite the many challenging side effects of treatment, she is thriving and loving life. Grace has enjoyed being a 2014 St. Baldrick’s Ambassador. She looks forward to turning 13 in January, to someday meeting Orlando Bloom and Idina Menzel, and to traveling to New Zealand. She was inspired by her new favorite TV show – Once Upon A Time -to create this heart design. She traced the design, burned it into wood, and painted it red.

Logan Returns & The Crumb Diaries

July 13 - July 26

Direct from Logan's mom :) "As some of you know, Logan was recently diagnosed with a thyroid disorder. Medication is now a part of his daily life, and exercise is going to be a huge part of our routine moving forward. We are lucky enough to have an empty space in our home that we will be converting into Logan's fitness room, and it will be customized to his needs, likes and limitations. He has spinal issues, so I will be working with some specialists to make sure everything is perfectly geared toward his health and safety. Paper Clouds Apparel has decided that for July 13-26 they will bring back some of your favorite Logan designed shirts, as well as adding his 'I love Paper Clouds', and 1/2 of the proceeds will be used toward Logan's gym! Mark your calendars if you've been waiting! Many people ask me how they can get a skull shirt - this is your chance! Once the campaign ends the designs go out of production so keep an eye out. We are hoping to break our record with this campaign and get Logan on his way to a healthy future! I am so thankful for everyone who is willing to help me accomplish that!"
  • logan

    The Artist


    19 years old

Logan is a recent high school graduate and a minority owner of Paper Clouds Apparel. We met Logan virtually when he contributed art for a campaign and have enjoyed every moment of working with him and his incredible family! Logan's mom, Allyson, chronicles their lives on her Facebook page, The Crumb Diaries. Logan has a fantastic sense of humor, optimism that is unbreakable, and love for all of the people (and many animals) in his life.