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Throwback vs. Cancer

July 27 - August 09

You asked for it and Paper Clouds has done it again! We have brought together three cancer battling causes this campaign! Read on for more info about each one :)

Ronan Thompson Foundation

  Ronan Thompson was a bright, energetic little boy that always kept his family smiling and laughing. In August of 2010, he was diagnosed with a stage IV Neuroblastoma and fought valiantly or the next 10 months. Ronan's battle with Neuroblastoma ended on May 9, 2011, but his fight will go on. Ronan continues to inspire his family in the way he lived his life full of passion, strength, and courage. He will live forever in their hearts and minds as the most beautiful little boy to ever have touched the earth. The Ronan Thompson Foundation raises funds for research that will find new and innovative ways to treat neuroblastoma, and ultimately, find a cure for this disease. The Foundation wants to create a World Class Neuroblastoma Research and Care Center and we're thrilled to help by contributing 50% of the proceeds from this campaign to this cause.

St Baldrick's Foundation

  This campaign is our forth with St. Baldrick's and we're so excited to be supporting such a wonderful organization again. If you've never heard about St. Baldrick's, let us fill you in! This organization raises money for kids cancer research. Kids who are diagnosed with cancer have to be treated differently than adults with the disease. No child should ever have to face cancer and we are so happy to do our part in helping raise funds to help find the cure! The HEART this campaign was created by Grace whose amazing mom is part of a group of called 46 Mommas. This group shaves their heads to raise awareness and funds for kids cancer. To learn more about our incredible artist, read her bio while you shop and to learn more about our incredible cause, visit

Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children

  Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children (ACFC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation created to support Arizona children diagnosed with cancer and their families. The organization spotlights the need to significantly increase clinical research and treatment options for children suffering from cancer. Through a partnership with the Ronald A. Matrciaria Institute of Molecular Medicine at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, ACFC supports developing cancer treatments and therapies that specifically combat pediatric cancer. Chrisie and her husband, Nick Funari, started the foundation after Chrisie’s 5-year-old daughter, Ava, passed away from a three year struggle with Stage Four Neuroblastoma; an aggressive form of pediatric cancer.
  • maya

    The Artist


  • Ava and Eli - Mothers Day

    The Artist


    9 years old

  • Grace

    The Artist


    12 years old

Maya is Ronan's mother and she contributed two incredible quotes that remind her of her son. She was generous to share the story behind each of these special sayings with us. All good things are wild and free is my favorite quote by Henry David Thoreau. It stands for everything that Ronan was in his short little life and it is something I try to carry on for him in my life here. I try to live as wild and freely as possible knowing that tomorrow is never guaranteed. Everyday we are here is a gift and should not be wasted. "You keep me safe, I'll keep you wild" is another one of my favorite quotes. In my heart, I'm keeping Ronan safe forever. In turn, he is reminding me to keep going, to keep knocking down doors, and to keep fighting cancer for kids the non conventional wild way that he would want me to.

Eli lost his little sister Ava to cancer when she was almost 5 and he was 6. Eli and Ava were best friends. Ava was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of pediatric cancer, when she was just 1.5 years old. Eli was by Ava's side for all of her treatment - never giving her special treatment and always treating her just like any other little sister. Eli and Ava both wanted to make sure that no other kids ever get cancer and if they did get cancer they wanted to make sure that they would get better fast. Chrisie Funari, Eli and Ava's mom, started the 501(c)(3) non profit organization Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children after Ava passed away to stay true to her children's wishes and help cure children with cancer right here in Arizona. Eli is Co-President of the Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children children's program, Ava's Angels; a unique program where kids can help kids with cancer. Eli created both of the designs that benefit Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children for the next two weeks!!

Grace is a caring and vibrant 12 year old girl and a 6th grader at The Wolf School in Rhode Island. The middle of 3 sisters, Grace loves reading, swimming, traveling with her family, being with animals, and singing along to musicals, especially WICKED. Her ability to find silver linings in every situation is a source of inspiration for all who love her. In 2007, at age 5, Grace was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a fast growing tumor in her cerebellum. She underwent surgery, proton beam therapy, and chemotherapy, and is now a 6 year survivor. Despite the many challenging side effects of treatment, she is thriving and loving life. Grace has enjoyed being a 2014 St. Baldrick’s Ambassador. She looks forward to turning 13 in January, to someday meeting Orlando Bloom and Idina Menzel, and to traveling to New Zealand. She was inspired by her new favorite TV show – Once Upon A Time -to create this heart design. She traced the design, burned it into wood, and painted it red.

Logan Returns & The Crumb Diaries

July 13 - July 26

Direct from Logan's mom :) "As some of you know, Logan was recently diagnosed with a thyroid disorder. Medication is now a part of his daily life, and exercise is going to be a huge part of our routine moving forward. We are lucky enough to have an empty space in our home that we will be converting into Logan's fitness room, and it will be customized to his needs, likes and limitations. He has spinal issues, so I will be working with some specialists to make sure everything is perfectly geared toward his health and safety. Paper Clouds Apparel has decided that for July 13-26 they will bring back some of your favorite Logan designed shirts, as well as adding his 'I love Paper Clouds', and 1/2 of the proceeds will be used toward Logan's gym! Mark your calendars if you've been waiting! Many people ask me how they can get a skull shirt - this is your chance! Once the campaign ends the designs go out of production so keep an eye out. We are hoping to break our record with this campaign and get Logan on his way to a healthy future! I am so thankful for everyone who is willing to help me accomplish that!"
  • logan

    The Artist


    19 years old

Logan is a recent high school graduate and a minority owner of Paper Clouds Apparel. We met Logan virtually when he contributed art for a campaign and have enjoyed every moment of working with him and his incredible family! Logan's mom, Allyson, chronicles their lives on her Facebook page, The Crumb Diaries. Logan has a fantastic sense of humor, optimism that is unbreakable, and love for all of the people (and many animals) in his life.    

March of Dimes

June 29 - July 12

The March of Dimes is the leading nonprofit organization for pregnancy and baby health. Our mission is improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. Throughout our history, March of Dimes has tackled infant health problems. Campaigns have supported programs related to polio, birth defects, folic acid, newborn screening and premature birth. Today, the March of Dimes is inspired by all babies – those born healthy and those who need help to survive and thrive. All babies are born to do something great; something special and theirs alone. 1 in 10 babies is born premature, and with your help, we can work together to make sure every baby has a healthy start to life!
  • john-craig

    The Artist

    John Craig

    9 years old

  • kristina

    The Artist


    5 years old

John Craig, was born on November 30, 2005 at 24 weeks and 5 days gestation. He weighed 1 pound 8 ounces and was 12 inches long. He spent 110 long days in the NICU before coming home on March 20, 2006. Since then John Craig has designed the ButterflyPreemie Power, & Pray drawings to help raise money for March of Dimes. John is a true miracle and an inspiration to all that meet him! He has a sister, Hope Amanda, she arrived 5 weeks early on July 29, 2009. Fortunately, she only had to spend 3 hours in the NICU and was able to come home with me from the hospital. We have been blessed beyond words and as a mom I can't imagine my life any other way.

Kristina is 5 ½ years old and her brother Tyler is 3 ½ years old. Both visited the NICU after delivery and thanks to March of Dimes research  and efforts Kristina is happy and healthy today. She is also the artist behind our Mommy design! Tyler has Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) which is a cardiac arrhythmia arising from improper electrical activity of the heart. This type of condition can be detected early by CCHD screening that March of Dimes advocated adding to the newborn screening panel. Today Tyler is doing great and is a rambunctious little boy who loves baseball, swimming, and cars.

United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation

June 15 - June 28

Welcome to the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation.  The UMDF was founded in 1996 through a merger of several smaller foundations established by those who lost loved ones to the disease.  Starting as a volunteer organization based in the basement of a home, the UMDF has grown into a nationally recognized, non-profit organization. The UMDF offers support to all sufferers of mitochondrial disorders regardless of diagnosis, suspected or confirmed.  Our mission is to promote research and education for the diagnosis, treatment and cure of mitochondrial disorders and to provide support to affected individuals and families. The UMDF is represented across the nation through volunteers who operate more than 50 local chapters, groups and ambassador programs. Please help us redefine hope for the thousands of children and adults whose lives are compromised or shortened by the effects of mitochondrial disease. We need your support.
  • Jesse

    The Artist


    11 years old

  • Rachael

    The Artist


    30 years old

  • Tricia

    The Artist


    17 years old

  • Jonah

    The Artist


    11 years old

Jesse is an amazing 11 year old twin boy who loves Doctor Who, Legos, Science, And Building!!!! He also has Autism, asthma, GI Issues, migraines, Hypotonia, among other health issues believed to be caused by Mitochondrial Disease. He fights everyday to keep and gain skills like drawing terrific dragons! Mitochondria is a big word for a little organelle in most cells in our body that create energy from food.Jesse and his twin brother Jonah both have art here hoping to raise funds for the UMDF!!

Rachael is a fun loving, outgoing young woman who loves to spend time with her friends. She has a passion for fundraising for the UMDF helping to raise money to find a cure for mitochondrial disease, a disease she struggles with daily. She loves swimming, riding a bike, and her dogs and cat. She loves art, painting and making things with duct tape. Her favorite color is tye dye!

Tricia is an amazing 17 year old girl with a very complex medical history dating back to 2006. She has been diagnosed with mitochondrial dysfunction, intestinal failure, myopathic pseudo obstruction, anemia of chronic disease etc…… Tricia is TPN dependent and fed through her arteries 22/24 hours a day. She has not been able to eat real food for almost five years. Despite Tricia’s many health challenges, she attends a private college prep high school full time when she isn’t in the hospital. Tricia will be a senior in high school next year and she plans to attend college and go into the medical field someday as a physician or a nurse. Tricia enjoys drawing, playing the piano, volunteering for the Ronald McDonald House, and spending time with her dog Kenny.

Jonah is a wonder. He is 11 years old, a twin, loves Doctor Who, science, can read at a high school level, and despite the odds: walk, talk (very well;), and yes draw an awesome looking ninja! He also has autism, seizures, GI issues, hypotonia, hypoglycemia, fine motor ataxia, heat and exercise intolerance among other health issues.All this is from Mitochondrial Disease. He fought hard to accomplish what he can do now and keeps fighting hard to keep his skills and gain more! He and his twin brother Jesse both have art here! They are hoping to raise funds for the UMDF!

Reece’s Rainbow

June 01 - June 14

In April of 2002 Andrea Roberts gave birth to Reece, who unknown to her or her husband, was carrying that extra 21st chromosome. The Roberts' faith gave them the strength to pull their family together knowing that God had given him to them to help carry them through their darkest hours. This strength lead Andrea's nurse to ask if she would come back to the hospital to speak with and support other families with children with Down syndrome. Shortly after that Reece’s Rainbow was started in 2004 as an outreach program serving new families with babies with Down syndrome at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, GA.

This experience led Andrea to research the terrible treatment orphan children with Down syndrome receive in other countries. Inspiration struck her in 2006 to begin the international adoption of children with Down syndrome. It started with 5 children from Ukraine and has since grown to over 1300 children finding families in 26 countries. All of these new “colors” of Reece’s Rainbow are new friends, new blessings to be shared with the world. The Reece's Rainbow family continues to grow but the one constant is REECE…the beauty and innocence that a child with Down syndrome brings to the world is truly one of Divine nature.   God has led them through some very difficult times, but waiting on the other side of that “rainbow” for them was enlightenment, empowerment, compassion, mercy, and a tremendous “calling” to reach out to other children like Reece who were not as fortunate as he to have a loving, supportive family  in which to grow up. By raising money to offer adoption grants on waiting children, Reece's Rainbow is able to give adoptive families the extra financial help they need to bring a child with Down syndrome home from a miserable existence in overseas orphanages.
  • Aaron

    The Artist


    10 years old

  • Katya

    The Artist


    11 years old

  • Emily

    The Artist


    4 years old

  • Laurel

    The Artist


    7 years old

Aaron created the amazing "Fire Truck" when he was 10 years old to help raise money for the adoption of his newest brother, John. Aaron was born with arthrogryposis, a congenital, nonprogressive condition that severely limits movements of joints, including the knees, hips, ankles, elbows, wrists and hands. Born in Eastern Europe and abandoned by his parents, Aaron was adopted by Julia and Robert Nalle of Palmyra, Va., who brought him home when he was 6 to join their sons, Ben and Elijah. When he was in Europe, after he was transferred from his baby house orphanage to a mental institute because he was disabled, Aaron stopped speaking his native language. This has made learning English rather difficult for him.  He’s had several surgeries to correct some of the joints and will have more in the future. "Despite everything he has had happen to him, Aaron blows everybody away with his joy. He wraps himself around people’s hearts,” said his mother Julia. You can follow his amazing story at the blog Julia runs

This is Katya Natasha Doyle.  She was born on 12/28/2003 in Donetsk, Ukraine.  She has Down syndrome and was left at the hospital by her birth parents.  She waited for 3,190 days for a family.  Katya was adopted through Reece's Rainbow Adoption Ministry.  She became an American citizen on October 17, 2012.  She has 3 brothers and 3 sisters.  She likes to visit her grandparents and go swimming.  She enjoys being outside and can swing higher than anyone ever!  She likes to talk a lot and has really become an amazing little person.  She loves to be the center of attention.  Katya does like to share with others and has a very big heart.  She likes to play with her little sister Stefi.  Katya is in the 5th grade at McQuistion Elementary School.  She enjoys school and works hard.

Emily was adopted in December 2012 from Krasnoyarsk, Russia, a city in southern Siberia.  She loves Curious George, Doc McStuffins, fruit snacks, green beans and their cat, Luna.  Emily loves singing and dancing, gives great hugs, loves to ride the school bus and is the silliest little girl you'll ever meet.  Emily is smart, creative, has a great imagination, is mischievous, has a GREAT laugh, and also has Down syndrome.

Laurel was adopted from Ukraine in 2009. She was born 3 months premature and deaf.  She now has Cochlear Implants which have helped her to be able to hear and speak rather well thanks to God along with many years of speech and language therapy. Laurel is home schooled and she is going into the second grade. She has a baby horse named "Rose" who has helped her confidence even more. She loves to play and ride bikes with her brother Noah. One of her favorite songs is "Eye of the Tiger" which is what inspired her drawing. It fits her well because she has been a fighter since the day she was born. We are so thankful we were chosen to be her parents. We know the Lord has great plans for her and that one day, the world will hear her "Roar"!

Shriner’s Hospitals for Children & SMA It Forward

May 18 - May 31

We have teamed up with TWO awesome causes this campaign! Check out all the details about each below!!

St. Louis Shriners Hospital
St. Louis Shriners Hospital is committed to providing the best care for children in our specialty areas of Orthopaedics, Burn Care,Spinal Cord Injury, and Cleft Lip and Palate, regardless of a family’s ability to pay. Maddie has been a patient since her birth and can't wait to be able to give back more to this wonderful institution. Read her bio for more info about Shriners and their relationship!

SMA It Forward with Cashel
Below is a little about Cashel and how your purchase will help him and his family. If you'd like to learn a little more about Cashel, check out his artist page!
My family and I are so grateful to Paper Clouds Apparel for helping us, your awesome fundraising will bless our whole family. We have been working to repair the bathroom Allie and I use. Last year we had a bad water leak and we had to tear out the shower and flooring to remove the water damage and mold. We have also have outgrown our bathtub, we can no longer fit in it without folding our legs and arms in. Taking a bath helps us in so many ways, it helps keep our skin clean and stops any bed sores we might get from laying in bed all day, but the biggest advantage to taking a bath is the physical therapy we get in the water. When we are in water we are able to move! The water floats our arms and legs and we are able to move them on our own! We love to stay in the tub for over an hour enjoying the feeling of moving our bodies and exercising and the relief of getting off our backs. Also, when we rebuild the bathroom we are going raise the bathtub so my mom and dad do not have to bend over for hours to take care of us while we are in there and it will help stop them from straining their backs putting us down and lifting us up out of the tub, after 18 years it is starting to affect their backs and we need our  mom and dad to stay strong and healthy, our lives depend on them everyday. Thank You so much for wanting to help me, Allie and our family, we will always be grateful of your generosity and love towards us.
  • Maddie

    The Artist


    14 years old

  • Cashel

    The Artist


    18 years old

My name is Madelyn Hubbs and my close friends call me “Maddie.”  I am 14 years old and my hobbies are therapeutic horsemanship, swimming, and knitting.  I live in St. Louis with my dad, mom, younger brother (Kyle) and our cat Elmo.  I was born without my left arm and I received my first prosthetic arm from St. Louis Shriners Hospitals for Children before my first birthday. St. Louis Shriners Hospitals for Children have continued to provide me prosthetics, show me ways to do things with one hand, provided strengthening exercises and monitor a slight curvature in my spine. My absolute favorite Shriners event has been Hand Camp.  I went two years in a row and I met many new friends like me and I got to try rock wall climbing and archery.  I always love going to St. Louis Shriners Hospitals for Children.  Everyone is so nice and many of the staff there are like family to me.  One thing I remember about going to my favorite hospital when I was younger, is I would always receive a toy or stuffed animal.  I decided a few years ago to collect toys and other items kids would like to have while visiting the hospital and as of this year I have donated over 1000 items.  A few years ago I became an Ambassador for St. Louis ShrinersHospitals for Children. As an Ambassador I have gone to schools in our community to talk about limb differences, prosthetics, and bullying.
I believe anything is possible.  I tell people, “I can do anything you can do, I just might do it a little differently.”  I am positive, have a great sense of humor about my limb difference and I am motivated to try anything and show others if I can do it, you can do it.  I taught myself how to put my hair in a ponytail, braid my hair, tie my shoes, knit scarves and hats – all with one hand.  I have recently made videos of these one handed tasks and placed them on YouTube and myShriners Facebook page, hoping to help others who are living with one hand like me.  As a result I have connected with people all over the world.  I am very excited to be able to help raise money for my favorite place, St. Louis Shriners Hospitals for Children. They have given so much to me and my family and I want to show my appreciation and give back.

Hi! My name is Cashel Gardner. My little sister Allie and I have a genetic disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1,  SMA. SMA causes all of our muscles to stop working and atrophy or waste away, it is like we are paralyzed from head to toe but we can still feel everything. Doctors told our parents we would not live passed the age of 12-18 months. I just turned 18 years old and Allie is 16 years old! Even though our bodies do not work our brains are unaffected, and with faith in our hearts and the devoted care our parents have given us we continue beating the odds and living an amazing life. I believe we all are made perfectly by God. He needed me to be this way to do a job for Him, so I am perfect, we all are perfect no matter what obstacle we face. When I was 15 years old I felt it was time for me to step and my job; I want to make a difference in this world, to help others, so I created a website and Facebook page to help raise awareness of SMA called SMA IT FORWARD WITH CASHEL. I needed to show other SMA families there is a way to live with SMA and I desperately wanted to spread positivity and acceptability towards yourself and others. I want everyone to feel the happiness and peace I feel knowing it is okay to be different, love yourself and love others and we all can change the world.

Jeremy & Zach battle Osteosarcoma!

May 04 - May 17

Our current campaign is a little different than most! Jeremy began his fight against Osteosarcoma in December of 2012. He finished his chemo treatments in September of 2013 and has continued to kick cancer's butt.  Half of the money raised during this campaign is going towards his business idea - an idea which will help people everywhere with the anxiety of chemo treatments and blood transfusions. Your purchase of some new Paper Clouds gear will help Jeremy to continue to help others in need! The other half of this campaign is for Zach & his Defensive Line. Zach is still battling Osteosarcoma and needs your help overcoming the challenges brought on by his cancer. In January of 2014 Zach began high dose chemotherapy and his fight has continued ever since. Although he puts in 110%, the financial hurdles are growing larger and larger. With your purchase we can help Zach in one of the most important ways that we can - by helping his family find the treatments he needs to kick cancer!
  • Jeremy_1

    The Artist


    21 years old

  • Nathan

    The Artist


    18 years old

  • Zach_1

    The Artist


    18 years old

Jeremy began his battle with osteosarcoma in December of 2012. Over the course of 9 months Jeremy went through treatment of high dose chemotherapy and limb salvage surgery. Prior to his diagnosis Jeremy was a welding apprentice for the city of Tempe, which he can not continue due to his metal implant. Looking for a new career path with a desire to help others dealing with side effects from treatment, he developed a product to hopefully help ease anxiety for chemo and blood transfusion patients. Jeremy is currently completing a start up business class and is ready to take the next step, securing the patent for his idea and producing a large number of his products to test out in the same clinic that treated him. Funds from this campaign will help him towards that goal!

Nathan was an athlete in high school, competing in cross county, track, and wrestling while also earning a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Junior year of high school Nathan taught himself to forge, like his older brother Jeremy, and he has been blacksmithing ever since. Nathan loves chimichangas, exercising, & Hawaii. He rides a mean unicycle! After meeting Nick through Jeremy’s battle with osteosarcoma, Nathan dropped out of high school so that they all could spend as much time together as possible. Now he has teamed up with Jeremy to start their own business helping people who are battling cancer! This campaign is going to help them raise money so that they can make their dreams come true!

For those that have been following his story, you know that Zach has been faced with many challenges. Following is a timeline of his treatment thus far. January 2014 - Zach began a high dose chemotherapy treatment. March 2014 - limb salvage surgery, which removed the humerus and shoulder bone and was replaced with prosthetics. July 2014 - lung surgery to remove tumors that were found in his right lung (a common occurrence with Osteosarcoma). All of this while continuing the chemotherapy treatment. In September 2014, we all celebrated what we thought would be his last round of chemo, only to face yet another challenge. The tumor came back in the arm that was replaced by the prosthetics. The next step was amputation in December 2014. Through it all, Zach was a trooper, always keeping faith and a good spirit. His recovery went well from the amputation and his faith stood strong! Just last month Zach went through yet another surgery, this time to remove the tumors in his left lung. All seemed to be okay with the world, until the follow up CT Scan from the surgery. The lung that they had first operated on in July 2014 was showing more tumors, which were not showing just prior to the surgery last month. The family was devastated, what they had thought they had overcome came back to rear its ugly head! The family is now faced with more challenges. Zach will undergo more lung surgery to remove the tumors in the right lung and start a new chemo after his recovery soon after the surgery.The family is also looking into trials that are currently available and will include traveling. The family will have hardships with the expenses and missed work. Every purchase you make through Paper Clouds Apparel will help Zach and his family. For those who are just joining Zachs journey, please follow his story on Facebook at Please keep praying for Zach and his family! Thank you for all of your support and God Bless!

NWO Apraxia Support + Nourish

April 20 - May 03

Our partner causes for the next two weeks are such a cool organizations! Read on for more below :)! NWO Apraxia Support is a 501(c)(3) regional nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting families impacted by and raising awareness about Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) and other invisible disabilities (including, but not limited to SPD, anxiety, epilepsy, non-specific learning disabilities, ADHD, dyslexia, autism, tourette's syndrome, and other speech and language disorders), as well as providing grants to fund supplemental therapies, treatments, activities, or equipment that will enhance the lives of individual children impacted by CAS and other invisible disabilities. They seek to provide information and resources for all families impacted by CAS and invisible disabilities, but focus funding those close to home in Northwestern Ohio and Southeastern Michigan. They are an all volunteer organization made up of parents, grandparents, caregivers and professionals working together to make a difference one family at a time. Check out their website here -!! Nourish is a Tucson Based 501(c)3 non profit whose mission is to provide family and community support for children with feeding challenges. This awesome organization provides feeding and dietitian scholarships for children whose insurances and funding sources do not support much needed feeding therapy for children struggling to eat. Specialized feeding equipment is provided. Parent support groups for tube feeding, allergies, anxious eaters are available for family and community members on a regular basis. You can learn more about Nourish at their website, right here -!
  • IMG_2786

    The Artist


    8 years old

  • justin-4

    The Artist


    32 years old

  • 1909757_773935509325152_976195388962197198_n

    The Artist


    8 years old

Rebekah is a sweet, sensitive and loving 8-year-old girl. She is passionately driven to push through and try to do everything the other kids her age are doing – even if it takes her twice as long to figure it out. Being a twin born 7 ½ weeks early was just the start of the battle she faces daily. For being so young, Rebekah has a very long and complex medical history. Some of her diagnoses include CMT (a form of muscular dystrophy), cerebral palsy, dyslexia, sensory processing disorder, heart and gastrointestinal conditions, developmental delays, and multiple learning disabilities. She has bravely endured many medical tests and procedures, takes numerous medications daily, attends physical, occupational and speech therapies weekly as well as countless doctors and hospital visits. Rebekah wears bilateral leg braces during the day and leg castings at night. Rebekah is currently being home schooled and loving it! She enjoys playing Barbies, fairies and coloring. She loves butterflies, flowers, watching princess and fairy movies and being held. Rebekah is a true superhero!!

Justin is 32 years old and works at a wood shop in a supported vocational program in Tucson, Arizona.  Just loves to exercise, draw pictures, listen to music, and anything fireman related.  He is close with his family (especially his uncles!) and enjoys spending time with them while rock climbing and canoeing.  Justin has a dog, Koty, and two cats, Jacob Marley and Jordin Sparks.  Justin has a diagnosis of Down Syndrome with Autism Spectrum Disorder but his disability certainly does not define him!!

He is 8 years old and has an intense view of life. Cameron loves minecraft, hockey, legos, riding his bike, and playing with friends. He is an amazing brother with a crazy sense of humor. Cameron has anxiety, ADHD, sensory processing disorder and childhood apraxia of speech. He has been in some type of therapy (psychological, speech, occupational or physical) since 18 months old. Every day is a struggle for him to understand and navigate through, but he works hard not to let that get him down! He is a fighter - once Cameron is in your life you will never be the same!

Artists and Autism

April 06 - April 19

The purpose of the Artists and Autism page is to uplift, encourage, and inspire all of those around us by showcasing the talents of individuals with Autism and nurturing those abilities to their fullest extent. When you visit the Artists and Autism Facebook page, you get to see the incredible talent of these individuals and you help promote the message that Autism does not define you.
  • BO2

    The Artist


  • Edmund2

    The Artist


    19 years old

  • IMG_6510

    The Artist


    7 years old

  • Ruth

    The Artist


    27 years old

Bo doesn't let Autism hold him back on showing his amazing personality, Bo is 8 years old and currently in 3rd grade in an Alternative Curriculum Program. Bo enjoys video games, especially anything Mario, and he finds the good and the humor in all situations. He can be a bit of a clown to make people laugh! Bo has one of the most contiguous laughs and gives the best hugs.

Edmund lives in Columbus, MS. He was diagnosed with Autism at age 3. Because of a speech and language delay, Edmund has always enjoyed expressing himself through his art, primarily through drawings and sketches. At a very young age, he became very passionate about cartoons, puppetry and animation. He lists Walt Disney and Jim Henson as his heroes. In the past year, he began studying art under the direction of Alex Harrison, and they have begun collaborating on mixed media art styles and techniques with an emphasis on digital painting on his iPad. Edmund has recently become a member of the online community Sketch Club and has shared his work on the Artists & Autism Facebook page.  

Will write his own bio for us and we loved it so we're sharing it in his words :)!! I am a 7 year old second grader. I love being autistic because it makes me feel unique and I see details other people don't. I love drawing, soccer, camping and hiking and me and my Moms are going to drive across the country this summer and stop and camp wherever we feel like it. I have a cat named Allie and a bearded dragon named Wilson. I also like playing with my friends and jumping on my trampoline. I love science!. I love my amazing autistic brain!

Ruth is a 27-year-old girl who lives in Scotland. She wasn't diagnosed with Autism until she was 21. She is very quiet and shy so she loves to write and draw rather than talk. Ruth started drawing to communicate how she experienced the world. ​Each week, she spends two days at an art workshop for people with disabilities and mental health issues. Some of her work has been shown in exhibitions in her local area and also in a gallery in Edinburgh (her hometown). Ruth has made and sold several books featuring Aspen (a cartoon version of herself which she uses to help raise awareness about Autism), and with the help of her mom, she designs greetings cards, prints, mugs and coasters, which are sold in shops and online on her Etsy shop, called 'Penguin Parade'. ​As well as being autistic, Ruth also has a genetic condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS). It means that she has chronic joint, muscle and nerve pain, unstable and injury-prone joints, often suffers from fatigue and she sometimes have to use crutches to walk. Since her hands and wrists are affected by her EDS, it is often quite painful and tiring to draw. But she tends to try and ignore the pain because she love drawing so much!!!  

A Little Help for our Friends

March 23 - April 05

If you knew us on a personal level (and we'd like to think you do), then you'd know just how much we love to help out our friends. For the next two weeks, we'll be donating funds to three causes that provide help to some of the best people we know! The horse, angel, and cape hero designs will be benefiting causes that help those with cancer through research and medical help. This horrible disease has taken too many beautiful people from us and for the next two weeks, we're going to raise as much money as we can to help cross it out! Want to help us raise funds for to eradicate cancer and to help support service dogs? We thought you might! Every purchase from this campaign will benefit Phoenix Children's Hospital, St. Baldrick's, or Autism Service Dogs for America. So buy a shirt for you, buy a shirt for a friend, and get everyone in the family a tote to help us help our friends!
  • logan

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    19 years old

  • Elizabeth B.

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    The Artist


Logan is a recent high school graduate and a minority owner of Paper Clouds Apparel. We met Logan virtually when he contributed art for a campaign and have enjoyed every moment of working with him and his incredible family! Logan's mom, Allyson, chronicles their lives on her Facebook page, The Crumb Diaries. Logan has a fantastic sense of humor, optimism that is unbreakable, and love for all of the people (and many animals) in his life.    

Elizabeth, “EBB” as her friends and family know her, was diagnosed at the age of five with Stage IV Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and considers herself the ultimate cancer slayer. Elizabeth enjoys singing, dancing and creating all things rainbow. She is currently rockin' remission and hopes to be a star in Hollywood someday. Half the proceeds from her Hero design will go to Phoenix Children's Hospital.

Ian (8), was diagnosed with Asperger's at age 4. Conner, Ian's brother who is 4 1/2 now, was diagnosed PDD NOS at age 2 and then finally this summer was diagnosed autistic. Currently, Conner is in the fundraising stage to get his autism service dog through Autism Service Dogs of America in Portland. Half of the proceeds from every sale of the Robot design will benefit Autism Service Dogs of America!