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October 05 - October 19

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September 21 - October 05

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Three Artists for St. Baldrick’s

September 07 - September 21

This campaign is a little bit different from our normal campaigns. This is the second time we've teamed up with St. Baldrick's and we are endlessly inspired by the stories of the children that have battled childhood cancer. We are thrilled to honor the memory of Ty, McKenna, and David and to encourage Max in his fight! St. Baldrick's is an organization that helps raise funds for kids cancer research. Not only are they a driving force behind finding new and better cures for kids cancer, they also pour time and energy into improving the level of care currently given to kids with cancer. We think that St. Baldrick's is doing something awesome and we're so happy to be working with them again.
  • SuperMaxandFamily

    The Artist


  • 32008_1459325929441_73829_n

    The Artist


  • Macky_school

    The Artist


  • ty for prayer card

    The Artist


Meet SuperMax. When he was just four-and-a-half-years-old he was diagnosed with brain cancer. The next day Max had brain surgery and the tumor was partially removed. Over three weeks later he was released from the hospital and started what would be 1.5 years of chemotherapy. Max has received all of his treatment at CHOC Children's in Orange County, CA. Max was diagnosed with a rare and unusually aggressive form of a fairly common form of brain cancer. After two previous diagnoses, Max was last diagnosed with a Grade II/III Glioma. The tumor originated at the lowest part of the brain stem, growing out of the length of the brain stem, filling the fourth ventricle, invading the periphery of the cerebellum. Max is still fighting to this day. After five brain surgeries and two chemotherapy protocols, Max also completed 30 radiation treatments in the spring of 2014. Max is on a therapeutic super-boosted ketogenic diet as well. He is still thriving against all odds. Along with surgery and chemotherapy, Max has benefited from a full regimen of comprehensive-integrative therapies such as acupuncture, traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs and supplements, anticancer nutrition, hippotherapy, physical, speech and occupational therapies, swimming, regular physical exercise, and healing narratives. MaxLove Project is inspired by Max's cancer journey, by all of the tremendous benefits he gained from this holistic “whole kid” approach to healing. We believe that all SuperKids deserve every possible opportunity to thrive against cancer.

David Heard burst on the scene of life May 2, 2000 and his parents Tom and Susan could not have been more filled with joy and wonder at his arrival. Over the decade that David was on Earth he filled his parents and his sister Daisy with love. David was a prolific reader from epic tomes to comics to Sunday papers. He loved fantasy play and creating entire cities from his toys. David loved to eat well and often, especially sweet, juicy steaks and chocolate! David loved music and things related to music life; his loft was a DJ booth with disco balls and rapper swag all filled his room. Riding bikes, swimming, cracking jokes and of course sketching were other ways he filled his days. He loved people and long talks on any topic! He was a sponge for learning and his passion led to great academic success. Unfortunately, the cancer he had currently has no known cure after relapse so David died on February 10, 2011 but not before sharing some things he needed done in his absence. He told Susan that she had to get Daisy her UGG boots every year for Christmas as a gift from him because she was such an amazing sister, he insisted that Susan and Tom continue to raise funds at St. Baldrick's so that kids in the future didn't have to die from cancer to name a few. Susan, Tom and Daisy continue to embrace life as David did and fill their days skiing, at the beach or hosting fundraisers to fulfill David's most important wish. There hope is that one day there will be cures for families when they hear "your child has cancer."

On August 5, 2003, after 6 months of bed rest, McKenna Claire Wetzel was born. Big sister, Jordan, was excited to welcome her beautiful, blonde, green-eyed sister to the family. Years flew by, and the household was filled with the typical chaos that having two working parents and active children bring. Soccer games, gymnastics classes, music, vacations- they managed to do it all. McKenna grew into an extremely vivacious, bright, and athletic little girl with an infectious grin and a big heart. She brought joy to all those around her.  Her family called her "Macky."
In mid-January of 2011, McKenna came down with what her parents thought was the stomach flu. After the third trip to the doctor’s in a week, they were sent for a CT scan. They were told that McKenna had a mass on her brainstem, the worst possible place for a tumor. Soon after they learned that not only did McKenna have brain cancer, she had the worst kind possible, Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG). They were told that children do not survive this cancer and that they could expect to have nine to eighteen months with their daughter. With radiation and a clinical trial of oral chemotherapy, they were be able to reverse some of the effects of the tumor for a short time. However, after an exhaustive search of the best institutions in the country, they realized there was no cure.
McKenna had always been amazing to her family, but now she showed a strength of character and grace that they didn’t know she possessed. This little girl never complained about her treatments, never cried because of them. She bore it all with stoic courage and never lost her sense of humor. She never complained, never cried, never asked why. McKenna lost her battle exactly six months from her initial diagnosis, two weeks shy of her eighth birthday.
Macky loved the color turquoise, loved butterflies, and loved to draw.  Her own drawings of butterflies directly inspired the little turquoise butterfly on her t-shirt.  Every time her family looks at her butterfly, they are reminded that she is right there with them on their journey. You can learn more about Macky on her foundation's facebook page - McKenna Claire Foundation.

His parents call him SuperTy because he was their little fighter. Ty Louis Campbell, graced this earth for five beautiful years, and before he left he made it a better place to live. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 2 years, 10 months old and he passed away just days after his fifth birthday.
Ty loved blue candy, superheroes, Max and Ruby and thumbing through toy books.  He was astoundingly beautiful and always quick to smile. His sheer magnetism developed not because of the cancer that consumed him, but rather his love for life that defined him. After fighting valiantly for half his life, fists blazing, Ty was finally freed from suffering and beat cancer once and for all when he became a beloved angel on October 17, 2012. His eternal spirit lives on in our hearts, and his story continues to impact others.
After Ty passed away, instead of gifts of flowers, his family asked his supporters to celebrate the joys of childhood in his honor. To allow their children to jump in muddy puddles (one of Ty’s greatest aspirations). To give piggyback rides to bed, to play with glitter, to get downright messy and have fun in celebration of Ty’s spirit, because that is how he wanted to live his life. As a result, his family is flooded with stories to this day of how SuperTy changed the world. So many, in fact, that they launched The Muddy Puddles Project to celebrate kids being kids in honor of those who can’t.

Down Syndrome Association of Houston

August 24 - September 07

The mission of this great organization is to build a brighter future for children and adults with Down Syndrome. Located in Houston, Texas, the DSAH is a resource center that offers Gymboree for babies, music therapy, a summer school enrichment class, bingo and spaghetti night for adults, and a movie night. They serve both the English and Spanish-speaking communities in Houston and are part of a collaborative program with the Houston Area Respite Centers hat offers respite care and services to parents of children with all disabilities. DSAH currently serves over 1800 families has seen membership grow 154.2% in the past year. We are so happy to be teaming up with them for this campaign!
  • Brian

    The Artist


    1 years old

  • abbie july 4th 2012a

    The Artist


    15 years old

  • Kendrea

    The Artist


    19 years old

  • jackson

    The Artist


    4 years old

Brian is 18 months old and was diagnosed at birth with Down syndrome. Down syndrome does not define sweet Brian. Down syndrome is only a small part of who he is as well as other individuals with Down syndrome. Brian loves being outdoors and loves airplanes! He likes to make the sound of an airplane and motions his hand like an airplane when he sees one flying! Brian loves to splash in water with his big brother and blow bubbles in water. When Brian wakes in the morning he gives his family a big smile with hugs and kisses! Brian's family has learned so much from him and they continue to learn each day. Brian and other children with Down syndrome can learn and develop just like other children; they just need a little help, patience and understanding. Brian's sweet smile and contagious giggle brings his family and friends the simple joys of life. Watching Brian's determination, strength, heart and fun loving personality shows everyone the real meaning of happiness. Brian brings his family so much pride and an indescribable amount of love. He created the bluebonnet design for this campaign!

Abbie loves to draw and has had this love since she could hold a crayon.  She sometimes draws for hours at a time.  Abbie is also doing very well reading and writing.   As her confidence in her writing grew, she began to add words to her pictures.  This new style evolved into full blown illustrated stories!  When she isn't drawing, Abbie also loves to dance, play her guitar, and watch her favorite TV shows. She has three older sisters and they all get along like peas in a pod. Abbie has a special gift; everyone is attracted to her.  Her very presence lights up a room and puts everyone at ease!  She created the dog design for this campaign and is excited to help raise funds for the Downs Syndrome Association of Houston!

Kendrea enjoys listening to and singing along with music, dancing (she has some pretty cool moves), watching movies, playing with her friends, Barbie dolls, and being a teenager. She is one of Selena Quintanilla's and Justin Beiber's biggest fans! She created the faces design for this campaign!!

Jackson is 4 years old and lives in Manvel, TX with his Dad, Mom and little sister, Bella. He was born with Down syndrome, but it seems he didn’t get the memo. Jackson knows the alphabet, counts to 10 and even can spell his name! Jackson excelled at school and already graduated from PPCD. He will be attending a Pre-K class this year where he will be integrated with typical kids. He’s a very physically active little boy and is already an adrenaline junkie like his Dad. He loves to swim, climb on rock walls, draw with chalk, paint, play on his iPad and watch Veggie Tales. Jackson is very excited to work with us to raise money for the Down Syndrome Association of Houston!!

iCan House

August 10 - August 24

iCan House aims to educate, support, and enhance the lives of those with social challenges and their families.  This amazing facility is open to people ages 8 and up who experience challenges or difficulties with social interactions.  Many of the members have been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or Asperger's but, because the facility focuses on behavior rather than a diagnosis, a diagnosis is not required for participation. iCan House is unique because they focus on what their clients “CAN” do based on their individual abilities and strengths!  They believe a positive approach to changing behavior is critical. They want each person to feel successful, so they consciously position participants for success in social settings. Once clients know they can be successful and accepted, they want more which builds self esteem and confidence. Thus grows the motivation to keep learning and to experience social connections with others! We are so excited to work with the artists from Artists and Autism to support iCan House!  This awesome organization is solely dedicated to promoting autism acceptance through the arts.  All art for this campaign was created by artists in this organization.
  • JACK

    The Artist


  • Julia

    The Artist


    13 years old

  • Brittany

    The Artist


    22 years old

  • Frank

    The Artist


Jack Carl Anderson has Autism and works with his husband, Michael, mentoring children with autism through their organization - Michael Tolleson Savant Art Center in Seattle. You can learn more about Jack and his amazing organization on their facebook page - Michael Tolleson Savant Art Center.

Julia is 13 years old and lives in Madison, Wisconsin. She was born in China and joined her family when she was 5 and a half. Julia had a hard life in China and when she came home she received diagnoses of PDD-NOS, ADHD and Reactive Attachment Disorder. School work is challenging for Julia and she works very hard with her wonderful teachers. Julia started drawing just before her seventh birthday. She loves to draw, paint, color and work with clay. She also loves dinosaurs, everything about Harry Potter and playing the cello. Julia is excited to be working with Paper Cloud to help raise money for ICan House and to see her dancing dinosaurs on shirts and hats!

Brittany is a Digital Illustrator/Animator/Writer/Doll & Jewelry Maker who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Art from Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio. She just graduated in May of 2014 and resides in Sidney, OH. She was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 2009 at the age of 17, but Autism has not stopped her from pursuing her passions in life. She hopes to bring her stories and unique characters into fruition and send them out into the world for people to enjoy. She believes she can bring some fresh ideas to the world of Art, 2D Animation and one day Film. When she is not spending hours playing video games, she can be found writing and drawing her original stories and creations or working on commission pieces for clients.  Brittany created the mom design for this campaign!

Frank Louis Allen is a English artist who started creating art for arts sake in 2012. Since then, he has been picked up by galleries and had his pictures published in books. He works without a plan and lets his subconscious do most of the artistic calculations. He has PDD-NOS and an eye disease which is slowly deteriorating his retinas. Despite this he vows to keep creating art.  You can view more of his art on his Facebook page -  Frank created the sleeping lizard design for this campaign!

SenseAbility Gym

July 27 - August 10

SenseAbility Gym Incorporated is a nonprofit corporation serving special needs children in the greater Hopedale, Massachusetts area. Their mission is to provide a parent-led sensory gym, giving children with special needs a safe, fun, indoor area where they can play and accommodate their sensory needs. This is the first of its kind in the metrowest area of Massachusetts. SenseAbility Gym's goal is to create a community where its members feel welcomed and supported. They believe in the fact that all children deserve access to the types of therapeutic equipment used in their schools and their private occupational therapy clinics. They recognize that every special needs child is different and welcome all learning styles and abilities. The gym is a place where parents and children can go to socialize with other families who share similar challenges.
  • headshot

    The Artist


Brooke is an eleven year old soon-to-be middle schooler. She is generous, affectionate, funny as all get out, and, as you can see, a talented and prolific artist. She was diagnosed with classic autism at the age of three and, while she struggles with certain aspects of the disorder, she takes pride in being autistic and sees her autism as an integral part of what makes her the incredible kid that she is. One of her favorite places on Earth is SenseAbility Gym and both she and her mom are thrilled to support them in any way they can.  All designs from this campaign were created by Brooke!!

Tubie Friends

July 13 - July 27

Tubie Friends a non-profit group that is administered by two mothers whose children have feeding tubes and want to use their experience to make life easier for the thousands of children relying on feeding tubes for their nutrition. Tubie Friend Surgeons (TFS) are volunteers who care for or love tube feeders and donate their time and resources. Tubie Friends are stuffed animals with tubes that help take the mystery and fear out of feeding tubes.  Not only are Tubie Friends excellent for educational purpose, but they also offer great support to their people friends who need the help of feeding tubes to live a healthy life.  This amazing organization has created a support system through the Tubie community and we love that we are now part of their family!  To learn more about Tubie Friends, visit their website -
  • Laycee

    The Artist


    22 years old

  • Caleb

    The Artist


    9 years old

  • Michaela

    The Artist


    16 years old

  • Sydney

    The Artist


    15 years old

Laycee was a full-term, 8 pound baby who was born with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia (meaning her disphragm did not form completely and her intestines had been allowed to form in her chest causing damage to her heart and lungs).  For the first 21 days of her life, Laycee underwent surgical repair of her hernia all while being on a heart-lung bypass machine.  During this time, she suffered a massive stroke that destroyed a large portion of the left side of her brain.  Though doctors predicted she would never do more than "stare at the walls", Laycee has proven to have a fighting spirit.  Over the years Laycee has defied odds and learned to walk, talk, and read.  While she struggles with daily health challenges, she has a wonderful outlook on life!  Laycee has never been able to write or draw until recently when she began to draw pictures of the people she loves.  We are so excited to use Laycee's dog design to support Tubie Friends!!  

Caleb is 9 years old and loves to play outside, chop wood, and go fishing.  He loves to draw dragons and is excited that one of his dragons is part of this campaign for Tubie Friends.  Caleb was born prematurely and has on-going stomach and intestinal issues that require him to be tube fed.  He experiences a lot of pain in his abdomen when he eats and recently was able to change his feeds to J-feeds which bypass his stomach entirely and greatly improved his overall quality of life.  He is a happy, energetic boy who loves to create things with his hands and play and we are thrilled to use Caleb's dragon design to help raise funds for Tubie Friends!

Michaela is 16 years old and heading into the 11th grade at her local high school where she is an honors student.  She has Gastroparesis which literally means "paralyzed stomach".  Her entire digestive tract is effected and some parts do not move at all!  This has caused her to become dependent on TPN (IV Nutrition) and feeding tubes.  She loves to play soccer, read, and listen to music and she also authors a blog, Chronically Awesome, where she's a huge advocate for those with chronic illnesses.  Michaela created the Hope design for this campaign!

Sydney is 15 and was diagnosed with severe chronic Lyme disease in 2012 (though she had it since 2007).  Because it was left untreated so long, she now also has Dysautonomia/Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, Gastroparesis, Central Pain Syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, seizures, Paraplegia and neurological problems. Even though her motor skills have been dramatically decreased due to her diagnosis, she still loves art and find ways to draw and do the things she loves with the help of her family and service dog, Bow!  You can show your love to Sydney and Tubie Friends by purchasing the Happy design!

Four Times the Fun

June 30 - July 13

There are SO many causes out there doing great things to support people with special needs.  Sometimes, we like to team up with multiple causes on a campaign and for the next two weeks, we have FOUR TIMES THE FUN!  Read on to learn more about these great causes!! RAD is an all volunteer, non-profit organization based in Chandler, Arizona whose mission is to raise funds to pay the fees and costs associated with sports and recreational activities for disabled citizens. RAD’s slogan is “We pay so others can play”. Heather, the artist that created the world peace design for RAD, and many others have been able to train for more Special Olympics competitions and to participate in different recreational and social activities with RAD’s help. Camp New Hope has been offering developmentally disabled people of all ages a myriad of activities since 1974. Their Summer Camp Program is overnight week-long summer camp experiences in June and July filled with art, music, and recreational activities, all adapted to individual campers’ needs. The camp lies on 41 rolling acres on the shores of Lake Mattoon, which brings campers the excitement of fishing and pontoon activities. Their shoreline gazebo and chapel are serene spots to gather for activities or just to relax, and their AED-equipped facility includes a three-foot swimming pool, a mini-golf course, easy access asphalt trails, a playground, and the Camp New Hope Train.  All purchases of Jayden's sun design benefit this excellent organization! Firefighters vs. Autism works to prevent wandering and drowning deaths in children with Autism.  This awesome cause educates the first responders on the dangers of wandering and drowning as well as provides opportunities for families, friends, and/or caregivers to learn about what they can do to prevent these tragedies from happening.  Proceeds from every purchase of the firetruck design goes to this stellar cause!! Common Threads Family Resource Center provides services and support to children, adolescents, and adults with autism spectrum disorders and mental health diagnoses. All of their programs embrace the special strengths, talents and needs of the individual and their family. Using a strength-based approach, they are committed to bringing out the best in each individual.  To support this wonderful place, add the skull design to your cart!!
  • Attachment-1

    The Artist


    28 years old

  • Jayden recent

    The Artist


    7 years old

  • justin-4

    The Artist


    32 years old

  • photo

    The Artist


    14 years old

Heather is a 28 year old woman with Pradar Willi Syndrome. However, she never lets that slow her down. She is very active with Special Olympics Chandler and has been a participant for many years. Her main sports are bowling, swimming, track, and, her favorite, cheerleading. Heather spends many volunteer hours raising money for both Special Olympics and Recreation and Athletics for the Disabled, also known as RAD. In her spare time, she can be found at a local nursing home pushing wheel chairs and spreading cheer among the residents. You can support Heather and RAD by choosing her "World Peace" design for your gear!!  Heather and many others have been able to train for more Special Olympics competitions and to participate in different recreational and social activities with RAD’s help and we're so excited to hep support their program!

Jayden just turned 7 years old in May and finished First Grade in June. He was born 17 weeks premature, weighing in at 1lb 11oz, with Hypotonic Cerebral Palsy. He overcame spending 3 months in the NICU receiving heart and eye surgeries, oxygen treatments, and UV ray treatment due to being born without several layers of skin. He has persevered through years of physical and occupational therapies and recently graduated from walking with the aid of a walker. Jayden’s speech therapy has really paid off as he is now speaking in sentences. Jayden loves spending time with family and friends, most of whom are Lombard Jaycees. Jayden recently became a JayTeen and is looking forward to spending more time with the Jaycees at their many community oriented projects. Jayden’s sunny disposition and can-do attitude often remind those around him that hard work and determination make anything possible! Jayden’s campaign will benefit Camp New Hope. Camp New Hope provides the full camp experience for Special Needs children and is a focus project for the Illinois Jaycees.  Click on Jayden's sunshine design to support him and Camp New Hope!!

Justin is 32 years old and works at a wood shop in a supported vocational program in Tucson, Arizona.  Just loves to exercise, draw pictures, listen to music, and anything fireman related.  He is close with his family (especially his uncles!) and enjoys spending time with them while rock climbing and canoeing.  Justin has a dog, Koty, and two cats, Jacob Marley and Jordin Sparks.  Justin has a diagnosis of Down Syndrome with Autism Spectrum Disorder but his disability certainly does not define him!! Justin is very excited to have his artwork in this campaign to raise money for Firefighters vs. Autism.  This is his third piece of art featured in a PCA campaign and it's not his first time supporting this cause, either!  In the 2014 family friendly Firefighters vs. Autism calender, Justin had the honor of being "Mr. March" and was also featured in the "beefcake" photoshoot where he got to show off his muscles! Check out Justin's firetruck design and support this awesome artist and cause!

Jessalyn is a 14 year-old freshman from the Madison, Wisconsin area. She enjoys listening to music, playing sports, participating in various art activities, and hanging out with her friends and family.  Jessalyn designed the skull t-shirt to help raise money for Common Threads Family Resource Center!

St. Baldrick’s Foundation

June 15 - June 29

Every two weeks we work with a different artist with special needs and give 50% of our proceeds to a deserving organization. This campaign is a little bit different because our artist, Donna, fell victim to childhood cancer. We were so touched by her story that we couldn't wait to feature her art and donate to St. Baldrick's to help end kids cancer once and for all. St. Baldrick's is an organization that helps raise funds for kids cancer research. Not only are they a driving force behind finding new and better cures for kids cancer, they also pour time and energy into improving the level of care currently given to kids with cancer. We think that St. Baldrick's is doing something awesome and we're thrilled to contribute with your help!
  • Donna Red Hat

    The Artist


The art in this campaign was created by Donna. Donna was born on July 20, 2005 and was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor - papillary meningioma when she was 19 months old. Over the next 31 months Donna underwent four relapses, four neurosurgeries, chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant, and twelve weeks of proton beam radiation treatment. In the face of everything, this little lady was an absolute joy throughout her life. She loved to dance. Her favorite color was black. She had an incredibly silly side and she was sharp as a tack. She had a different outlook on life than those around her and she often shared her point of view. Her greatest wish was to go to school and she was able to do so in her last two months. Despite spending much of her childhood in hospitals or around doctors, Donna lived with grace and joy. She inspired everyone around her to experience the moment, feel grateful, take a deep breath, and live their lives more meaningfully. Donna's mom, Sheila runs the blog Mary Tyler Mom and the Donna's Good Things Facebook page where she raises money to fight childhood cancer and shares her experiences as a mother. RIP, Donna, we’ll meet you there.  Donna Lubell Quirke Hornik, 20 July 2005 – 19 October 2009.

Vintage Campaign

June 02 - June 15

Each Paper Clouds Apparel offers artwork for a two week time frame and then it is gone forever....or is it ? We have received a lot of people asking for us to bring back past designs so every couple months we will bring back pieces that our fans request the most to form a "Vintage" campaign . These four amazing pieces will also give four great causes a chance to receive additional funding.
  • "Skull" is helping a young 15 yr old fight cancer for the second time at Nick's Epic Battle with Osteosarcoma.
  • "Guitar" is helping F.R.I.E.N.D.S., an amazing non-profit in Maryland helping enhance the lives of those with down syndrome.
  • "Dino Chase" design is raising funds for the Golden Heart Ranch, a great working ranch in California that gives those with special needs a place to live, learn, and work side by side.
  • "Tanker" which is raising money for Reece's Rainbow to continue their amazing mission of helping those with special needs find great adoptive homes.
Hope you love these designs and amazing causes
  • Aaron-Nicks-Epic-Battle

    The Artist


    8 years old

  • Bronson-Golden-Heart-Ranch

    The Artist


    10 years old

  • Logan-beads-of-courage

    The Artist


    18 years old

  • Noah-FRIENDS

    The Artist


    13 years old

Aaron created the amazing Tanker when he was 8 years old. Aaron was born with arthrogryposis, a congenital, nonprogressive condition that severely limits movements of joints, including the knees, hips, ankles, elbows, wrists and hands. Born in Eastern Europe and abandoned by his parents, Aaron was adopted by Julia and Robert Nalle of Palmyra, Va., who brought him home when he was 5 to join their sons, Ben and Elijah. When he was in Europe, after he was transferred from his baby house orphanage to a mental institute because he was disabled, he stopped speaking his native language. This has made learning English rather difficult for him. He is currently in speech therapy and is both homeschooled and attends public school part-time. He’s had several surgeries to correct some of the joints and will have more in the future. “He just blows everybody away with his joy. He wraps himself around people’s hearts,” said his mother Julia. You can follow his amazing story at the blog Julia runs

Bronson created the "Dino Chase" design Bronson is 10 years old, he was diagnosed with Autism when he was just 2.  A strategy that worked well was to draw him a list of what was going to happen.  He took our simple stick pictures are turned them into a way to communicate to us. Bronson loves Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion and Tower of Terror, and all roller coasters! If he’s not riding the roller coaster, he is drawing or building them.  Baron is Bronson’s big brother and he is the best big brother around, Bronson really started drawing a lot when he changed schools to attend an Autism ABA Class, he drew a picture of Baron to bring to school with him everyday.  Bronson is very active he loves to go camping, ride his quad, play in the ocean and ride the wave runners.

Logan is coming back for another campaign as a artist for Paper Clouds Apparel. Logan is 18 years old and a soon to be high school graduate :) Logan has Apraxia, making communication difficult, among other significant learning difficulties. If you do not follow his story on the Facebook page run by his mother, The Crumb Diaries, than you need to immediately do so. You will fall in love with this family and understand why Paper Clouds Apparel is so excited to have these two new designs by Logan on our gear.

Noah- Guitar Noah Weikert created the Guitar drawing when 13 and lives in Middletown, Maryland. Noah has a LOT of friends that have been by his side since he started school. He loves baseball and is a big hitter on the Challenger Baseball Team and is known as "The Possum". He has had the opportunity to play on the field with some of the Orioles players numerous times and has many autographs. He also loves swimming and has participated in Special Olympic Swimming for the past 3 years where he has gotten numerous Gold, and Silver medals. He loves drawing, and his specialty is drawing animals and family pictures. He loves to play Playstation games and he is unbeatable at any game he plays!!! He also loves fishing with his dad and his sisters. He loves animals and has 2 dogs and 14 cats. His favorite thing is playing practical jokes on his family, he makes us laugh every day!!!