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May 22 - June 04

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We are building Cailee's memory bank with as many activities as we can before she loses any more vision. Her mom was fortunate enough to have a very special friend who lost her vision recently explain to her that "it's not dark, because of her memories her brain recalls images and I 'see' quite well".... This made her even more determined to give Cailee as many experiences and make as many memories as possible. One place every princess deserves to go explore is Disneyland, Cailee has been dreaming of meeting Bell and Snow White!
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    6 yrs old

At 2 years old, Cailee was diagnosed with Familial exudative vitreoretinopathy, (FEVR), a rare genetic disorder that causes impaired vision and can develop into full blindness. Currently, there is no cure or treatment for FEVR.
She's now 6 years old and has already undergone five laser surgeries, which is as much as she's able to receive, but this little firecracker doesn't let her vision impairment hold her back from anything! Because of Cailee's retinal disease, she has flown all over the United States seeking the help of specialists. At this point Cailee's parents are preparing her to go blind. With the opinion of a specialist in California she was given an estimated 3 years however, Cailee has developed further visually complications. Her mom Catrina developed a Sightseeing Bucket List Tour for Cailee and they have been off on adventures for almost a year.
Some of Cailee's adventures have included Disneyland, the beach, San Francisco, the Imperial Sand Dunes, Sea World, Flagstaff to play in the snow and she was made an honorary firefighter for a day! Cailee has been such an inspiration to so many of us, she always has such a great attitude, a warm hug to give out and the sweetest smile. She is a great reminder that no matter what battle you were born with to keep fighting and do it with love!