Chloe is a fourteen year old, hilarious, bundle of fun from Gallatin, Tennessee. She is the big sister to Axel, the previous artist, that is also raising money for Gallatin Miracle Park. Chloe has been homeschooled, along with her three brothers, since she was in first grade. She enjoys chatting with her equally hilarious friends, creating art on paper and graphically, teaming up with her older brother to make the whole family laugh, and she is a huge Twenty One Pilots fan. She is right in the middle of four brothers and two little sisters. She takes her role in the family seriously and is always ready to lend a hand when needed. Family always comes first for Chloe and her siblings. She is a wonderful example of kindness and loyalty for her little brothers and sisters. She lights up any room she’s in with her personality and humor, and she can usually be found with a sketch pad in her hand, whether at home or away, and her creations never fail to bring a smile to the faces of anyone that sees them.

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