Christopher a polite, loving 31 year old who was born with Down Syndrome. Christopher’s gentle soul loves spending time with his family. He is very close to his parents, two beautiful sisters and his brother in laws. Christopher grew up living in the country and was raised on a dairy farm. He has a great love for horses and cows and says “ it’s in his blood.” Christopher takes pride in the act of chivalry, opening doors for men and women of all ages, pushing up chairs and insisting “you” go first, with a big smile on his face. Christopher’s greatest love’s is to dance and listens to a variety of music from Mozart to metal, country, jazz and blues. Christopher will sit for hours playing the piano and enjoys drumming with his dad who is a musician. He also enjoys drawing, painting, swimming, bowling and special Olympics. Christopher adores his girlfriend and dreams of getting married some day. He enjoys going out to eat and attending dances with her and that’s where he can be seen, moon walking and doing the splits on the dance floor. Christopher’s favorite occasion is his birthday but not only his, everyone else’s too. He keeps a calendar with friends, family and extended family’s special dates. He believes we are all so blessed to have one more year of life here on earth.

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