Zachary is 26 years old and he lives with his parents in Garland. He has autism and expresses himself through his art work. He spends hours every day drawing his favorite characters such as Scooby Doo and Barney. He also has a very impressive DVD collection. He likes to go to the movies, go swimming, and go bowling with his friends. He is well known at the bowling alley for his impressive celebratory dances after rolling a strike! His signature dance involves high jumps, heel clicks, and a show stopping jumping toe touch! He also enjoys going to the zoo and taking pictures of wild animals. He normally comes home after a long day at the zoo to draw all of his favorite animals he saw that day. He has giant stacks of artwork that he keeps at home. His pictures are very special to him and kept very organized. You cannot look at them without his permission. Zachary plays on a special needs baseball team called the Buddy League and loves to hit home runs! Zachary’s smile will make your heart melt and his laugh is contagious. He has a winning personality and loves to be the center of every dance party!

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