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All Play Together

All Play Together is a nonprofit working tirelessly to raise funds to build an all-inclusive playground with specialized equipment for individuals of all ages and abilities.

My students are going to absolutely love this playground where they can go and ride a zip line, play musical instruments, swing on multiple types of swings and so much more. This is a place they can go and be included with their peers. Even my students who use wheelchairs and walkers will be able to play on the equipment on this playground. My students’ parents are super excited about this playground and cannot wait for it to become a reality.

What is an inclusive playground?

Play structures with accessibility for all—double wide ramps, multi levels accessible by wheelchair, wheelchair accessible glider, roller table, roller slides, cozy dome for climbing and quiet space, seesaw with supportive seating for four, a variety of swings, cushy, level poured in place surfacing, ample shade and fencing.

Why Inclusive?

Inclusive play spaces provide opportunities to problem solve, take risks, build independence and confidence, and promote creativity and imaginative play. Inclusive playgrounds consider sensory, physical, cognitive and social development. These are all addressed through play.

So grab a shirt or tote and help us enrich these kid’s lives!