Beyond Autism

We look beyond the word autism to see our students as they are—amazing individuals with a deep desire to learn and connect in their own unique way.

Beyond Autism

Beyond Autism strives to align its programming to the scientific principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA), both to maintain and improve skills and reduce challenging behaviors. ABA, put simply, seeks to figure out how people learn and then uses that information to teach. We look at what motivates our students, and use those things to teach new skills and improve behaviors. The ultimate goal is to foster the aquisition of skills needed to live a full, happy, productive life!

Beyond Autism has an on-site Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) to oversee daily progress in both the development of skills and improvement of problem behavior through use of behavior intervention plans, functional behavior assessments, and skills assessments.
Along with the families, we seek to choose skills that are socially significant-that matter. The important thing, for us, is to make sure that the skills taught have the potential to improve the student’s quality of life and the lives of the people closest to them. In particular, the skills selected should be of value both inside and outside of a school setting, as well as potential vocational settings.​
Our comprehensive program focuses on teaching skills needed in life, outside of the classroom, to include:
Effective and appropriate communication
Reduction/elimination of unwanted behaviors
Functional academics
Life skills to include self care/hygiene, laundry, cooking/nutrition, food shopping, and safety
Leisure and play skills
Social/Emotional growth
Weekly volunteer and pre-vocational opportunities with our supportive community partners Food for the Hungry, O.H.S.O. Brewery, Picazzo’s and N. Scottsdale Animal Hospital
We utilize a functional skills curriculum and assessment titled Essential for Living (McGreevy, Fry & Cornwall, 2012). Though teaching academics is typically the main focus in typical school settings, we teach functional academics in combination with many other skills that are more vital to their success outside of an academic setting (i.e. “life skills”). This curriculum and assessment helps guide Beyond Autism’s team into making decisions for their loved one’s programing that will be most beneficial to their long-term success.

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No two students are exactly alike. ABA affords us the ability to look at each student uniquely and in-depth to determine what they need to learn best. In order to do this well, we maintain small groupings and provide 1:1 instruction throughout the school day. ​
To foster skill retention and consistency in our student’s growth, we operate a year-round program that includes a five-week summer session. For more information on our school calendar, please visit our Calendar page.

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