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Brittany’s Baskets of Hope

August 17th – August 30th

Brittany’s Baskets of Hope, Inc. is dedicated to bringing information, support, guidance, and hope to families that have newly welcomed a baby with Down syndrome into their lives. 

We believe that all babies, no matter who they are or how they’re born, deserve to be celebrated and to know that they can achieve anything!

As part of our mission, we make and deliver baskets to celebrate the arrival of babies with Down syndrome that feature information and guidance for the parents and gifts of love and joy for the babies and their siblings.

Since delivering our first basket of hope in October 2016, we have now sent over 950 baskets of hope to families in all 50 states across the country (and Puerto Rico)!

To request a basket or nominate a family for a basket, please fill out this form.







Alice is a spunky, sassy, smart two-year-old girl who lives in Ohio and happens to have Down syndrome! Alice is the middle child in her family. She has a four-year-old sister named Lucy and a six-month-old brother named Calvin.
Alice was diagnosed with Down syndrome shortly after her birth on St. Patrick’s Day 2018. At the time, her parents didn’t know anything about Down syndrome and they were shocked and scared. However, it didn’t take long for them to recognize the tremendous gift they had just received. Now, Alice’s mom Ann runs a blog about Down syndrome awareness (WonderlandMommy.com) and an Instagram account to go with it (@wonderlandmommyblog).
For two years now, Alice has been teaching everyone around her that the only thing down about Down syndrome is the antiquated attitudes some people bring with them!
Brittany’s Baskets info:
We chose Brittany’s Baskets of Hope as the recipient of our shirt sales because they give so much hope in a time that can be so vulnerable. The hospital staff where we had Alice gave us no hope at all… but to think that so many other Down syndrome moms are receiving that needed hope through Brittany’s Baskets makes me so happy.
In addition, you’ll find a “letter to new Down syndrome parents” that I wrote in each Brittany’s Basket! My letter is full of raw stories, honest truths and much-needed optimism about having a child with Down syndrome. I am so grateful to Brittany’s Baskets of Hope for including my letter in their baskets!
Ordering one of these shirts that Alice designed helps support Brittany’s Baskets of Hope — bringing incredible hope to people everywhere who’ve just received a Down syndrome diagnosis for their child.