Galletin Miracle Park Part II








Gallatin Parks and Recreation plans to convert one of the city’s softball fields into an all-inclusive park that would be accessible for children and adults with special needs.

The department has already begun fundraising efforts for the Gallatin Miracle Park, which would be built across from the soccer complex at Triple Creek Park. The project would include a miracle field, inclusive playground and a peddle park for children to learn how to ride a bike safely.

The miracle field would be wheelchair accessible and feature an artificial turf field without dirt or raised bases while the inclusive playground would feature wheelchair swings, an easy-to-ride zipline, merry-go-round, game board and musical instruments, among other features.



Meet the artists



Galletin Miracle Park I & II

Axel is a nine year old bundle of energy from Gallatin, Tennessee. He, along with his older brother, were diagnosed on the autism spectrum. He shares his home and love with two older brothers and one older sister. He is a math whiz, loves to learn new things, cooking, and creating art. He has been home schooled since Kindergarten with his siblings. Although shy at first, he loves meeting new people that let him take his time opening up to them. His REAL passion is animals though. His family rescues and adopts out orphaned and stray animals. There is no way the rescue would be successful without his diligent work. He has a particular way with every new animal he meets and has learned so much about restoring their health and trust in humans. He is a giving boy that understands the importance of finding just the right home for each animal, and when it’s time he says goodbye with bravery and a sense of pride in his work. Like most kids his age, he loves video games and YouTube. He wants to be a “famous Youtuber” when he grows up. He has chosen Gallatin Miracle Park to receive his donations. It will be the first all inclusive park in his city, and he can’t wait to meet new friends there one day, knowing that he helped build it.