Ryan House








Ryan House

January 13th – January 26th

For Arizona families caring for children with life‐threatening conditions, every moment, touch and smile count. Quality time, a must for sustaining energy and hope, is nearly impossible for most families to find on their own. Respite – short breaks from the continuous strain of round-the-clock care – is essential for families to remain intact, and for children to experience quality of life. That’s what Ryan House is all about.

Nowhere else in the Southwest can these particular kids just be kids, because Ryan House is built for them. Eight colorfully-themed bedrooms function as gateways to adaptive music, art, computer, sensory, hydrotherapy and family fun rooms, along with a fully accessible playground and relaxing garden space outdoors.





Tyce is a 10 year old boy who has the sweetest smile in the world!  Though he has limited use of his arms and hands and wheelchair bound, he is active and very determined.  He can touch, grasp and grab for things.  He is alert, interactive and responds to sensory stimulation.  He finds great joy in tactile play manipulating textured items by touch. He is well known for his ability to make people smile.  His laugh is so contagious it can brighten someone’s day


"Textured Heart"

Jenelle is a bright young lady who at 12 years old is so full of love, energy and joy.  She is wheelchair bound and has limited use of her arms, hands and fingers but she is simply incredible!  She has a strong self-esteem and is aware of her limitations.  She may seem shy at first but she is social and loves company.  She enjoys being around people and adores her Barbie doll collection.  Jenelle is good at creating positive experiences for herself and as a strong-willed girl can master anything.