Ruby is a sassy, smart and funny middle schooler who just happens to be rockin’ an extra chromosome. She plays trombone in the band and loves to dance!! Her newest adventure is she will be on the cheerleading squad next year!! She leads a very full and happy life, making hearts smile along the way!! Her parents didn’t know she had Down syndrome until she was born, but they immediately knew she would change the world! She is the inspiration behind Ruby’s Rainbow, a nonprofit organization that grants scholarships to people with Down syndrome for higher education so they can go for their dreams! Ruby is very proud of what Ruby’s Rainbow is doing to help show the world that people rockin’ it- just like her- are amazing, capable and worthy. She hopes you enjoy these designs that she created with the help of her biggest cheerleader, her big sister Ella Mae. Ruby’s Rainbow supports adult students with Down syndrome in achieving their dreams of higher education while spreading awareness of their capabilities and general awesomeness!! They provide college scholarships for students with Down syndrome attending post-secondary programs in the U.S., and shout their worth to the rooftops!! They have granted 599 scholarships totaling over $2 Million since 2012!