Wear Art, Support Dreams: Fashion That Fosters Change

Empower with Every Purchase! Dive into a world where style does more than meet the eye. At Paper Clouds Apparel, each purchase you make transforms lives. Our unique range of t-shirts, mugs, and totes aren’t just aesthetically pleasing—they’re a canvas for talent. Designed by gifted artists with special needs, these pieces do more than stand out—they spark conversation and foster inclusivity.

With 50% of our profits dedicated to supporting special needs organizations and the artists themselves, every item you select contributes directly to empowering individuals and supporting dreams. Choose to make a difference today—because here, your fashion choices redefine possibilities.

Our Story


Talented individuals with special needs create the artwork.


We put the artwork on tshirts, hoodies, bags, and more to share with the world!

Give Back

50% of the proceeds from each item are given back to the affilliated organization or back to the artist!