Paper Clouds Apparel Embarks on a New Journey in Austin, Texas Under New Leadership

Paper Clouds Apparel Embarks on a New Journey in Austin, Texas Under New Leadership

Austin, Texas - March 27th, 2023

Paper Clouds Apparel, a socially conscious apparel company known for its unique collaborations with artists with special needs, is excited to announce its relocation to Austin, Texas. The move marks a significant milestone in the company's journey, aligning with its mission to expand its reach and impact. Along with this change, Paper Clouds Apparel is now under the new leadership of Bobby Paugh and Sophie Brame, while Robert Thornton, the original founder, continues his involvement as a shareholding member.

Bobby Paugh, a multi-talented creator with a background in web development and empowering small businesses, steps into the role of CEO with enthusiasm and a vision for growth. Sophie Brame, who brings her expertise in community outreach and education, especially in the mental health and mentorship sectors, joins as the company's COO. Together, they bring a fresh perspective and renewed energy to Paper Clouds Apparel, while staying true to its foundational values.

"We are honored to carry forward the incredible legacy of Paper Clouds Apparel," said Bobby Paugh. "Austin's vibrant culture and strong community spirit make it the perfect home for our brand. We're excited to explore new opportunities and continue making a positive impact through our unique platform."

Sophie Brame added, "Our move to Austin represents more than just a change in location. It's about embracing new possibilities and expanding our mission to support more artists and causes. We're committed to keeping the heart of Paper Clouds Apparel beating strong and making every stitch count."

Robert Thornton, the visionary who founded Paper Clouds Apparel, remains an integral part of the company. His passion and dedication continue to inspire the brand's direction. "I'm proud to see Paper Clouds Apparel entering this new chapter," said Thornton. "Bobby and Sophie are the perfect duo to lead the company into the future, and I'm excited to see how they will steer this ship of creativity and compassion."

Paper Clouds Apparel's move to Austin is not just a physical transition but also a strategic step towards greater involvement in community activities, collaborations with local artists, and participation in Austin's dynamic cultural scene.

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About Paper Clouds Apparel: Founded on the principle of showcasing the creative talents of individuals with special needs while giving back to the community, Paper Clouds Apparel sells a range of products featuring artwork by these extraordinary artists. Half of the net proceeds from sales go directly to the artists or to selected organizations that support special needs individuals.

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