The Heartfelt Return: Griffin’s "What Would Love Do?" Design Re-emerges for Good

The Heartfelt Return: Griffin’s "What Would Love Do?" Design Re-emerges for Good

There's an adage that true love never fades—it only grows stronger with time. This rings especially true for the cherished "What Would Love Do?" design by Griffin, an extraordinary 18-year-old artist on the Autism spectrum, whose creation has once again graced our collection by popular demand.

Griffin's journey is one of boundless creativity and passion. Currently immersed in a year-long video game design and development course, he is channeling his love for interactive art into practical skills that promise to shape his future. His pursuit of Japanese language studies also reflects his deep appreciation for the rich culture that often permeates his favorite video games and anime—a testament to his diverse palette of inspirations.

But Griffin’s world is not limited to pixels and phrases; it is deeply connected to the vibrant pulse of nature, the joy of new friendships, and the warmth of family ties. It's this blend of interests and values that breathes life into his work. And it's no more apparent than in his beloved pet, a Yorwich named Miles, whose companionship anchors Griffin’s artistic endeavors in the real world.

The "What Would Love Do?" design, a heart with arms outstretched and a poignant question at its center, is more than a visual appeal—it’s a reflection of Griffin’s philosophy. It asks us to pause, to consider our actions through the lens of love, and to choose a path that benefits not just ourselves, but those around us.

By reintroducing this design, we're not just celebrating Griffin's artistry; we're becoming part of a larger narrative of care and community. This Valentine's Day, each purchase of a product adorned with this heartfelt symbol will contribute 50% of profits to the Skin Cancer Foundation—an organization dedicated to education, prevention, and research in the fight against the world’s most common cancer.

Our decision to bring back this limited time design aligns seamlessly with our ethos. We believe in fashion that speaks, that matters, that makes a difference. And with Griffin's design, we're speaking the universal language of love, echoed by the resonant voice of an artist whose life reminds us that every heart has a story to tell.

Join us in this celebration of love and life. Let's wear our hearts not just on our sleeves, but also on our tees, our hoodies, and our canvas bags. Let's walk in Griffin's footsteps and ask ourselves, "What Would Love Do?" Then let's do it.

For more than just a gift, for more than just a design—let's do it for the love that binds us all.

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