Colt and Nic

Colt was born in July 2014, surprising everyone with his extra chromosome. His smile, love, funny faces, dancing, singing, and insistence on high-fiving or hugging every single person, added so much joy and love to his family, but he didn’t stop there. God used Colt to open their hearts to the needs of children all around the world, with a special calling to those with Down syndrome, leading them to Reece’s Rainbow, an organization whose mission is to find families for children with Down syndrome, who are languishing and hidden away in orphanages and mental institutions in other parts of the world. Through Reece’s Rainbow, Colt and his family found his baby brother Nic, who was left in an orphanage in Ukraine because he had Down syndrome. Nic was brought home one week before his 1st birthday in January 2017. He and Colt have been best friends and partners in crime from the very first day. They now spend their days dancing, singing, hugging, stealing cookies, spreading joy and showing the world just how downright wonderfully made they are through Instagram @downrightwonderful. Their older siblings Luke, Ryann, Graci, Presli and Morgan helped draw the pictures and used Colt and Nic’s hand prints and fingerprints for the artwork.