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Sunshine and Rainbows Beach Towel

Sunshine and Rainbows Beach Towel

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The Sunshine and Rainbows Beach Towel is your perfect companion for sunny beach days, available in two sizes: 30" × 60" and 36" × 72". This luxuriously soft, heavyweight towel not only adds comfort to your day but also brings a vibrant touch with its cheerful pattern featuring rainbows, suns, stylish sunglasses, and fluffy clouds with the Paper Clouds Apparel logo. The polyester facing ensures your prints appear in vivid detail, while the cotton loop backing adds durability and a plush feel. Make every beach outing brighter with this beautifully designed towel. Plus, 50% of the proceeds from this beach towel support, contributing to vital research and advocacy efforts. Enjoy your beach days with the Sunshine and Rainbows Beach Towel, combining style, comfort, and a meaningful cause.

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